Fun Monday- View From the Door, Spring

 Vicki, the original Fun  Monday Funster, is this week’s hostess.  It’s time for the spring version of the view from your door. 

You can go here for the winter view from my door.

Since we had a pretty mild winter, the views are quite similar.  In a week or so everything will be covered with a lovely, green film of pollen. 

I took this picture at dusk, mostly because I forgot to take it in the daylight.

The Springtime view from my door:


My neighbor’s like to keep their giant garbage can in our yard.  They let my little one go over and play with their dog whenever she wants.  Since I have terrible canine allergies, I consider this a fair trade.

Go over to Vicki’s and check out the rest of the Fun Monday crew.



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13 responses to “Fun Monday- View From the Door, Spring

  1. For some reason I couldn’t get the previous view to show. You are very tolerant about the bin. I tend to suffer from pollen so can sympathise. It’s nice for children to be able to play out. As you have a slide on the lawn, it must be a safe area (no cars and I am assuming that is the front).

  2. Personally I’d take the dog over the rubbish but I have loads of rubbish in my garden!

  3. Pollen is evil. Evil like Wal-Mart!! 🙂

  4. Ugh…pollen…we’ve already had more than our fair share, and it’s still hangin’ around.

    We had that same little play thingamajig when my kids were young…brought a smile to my face :).

    I can’t imagine putting our garbage can in front of someone else’s house…!

  5. the cottonwood is already sending it’s pesky little fluff all over town — aaaaaaaaAAAAACHOOO.

    You can tell who has kids in their yards, huh?

  6. For us, it’s the sea of box elder bugs that arrive during spring!

  7. ahh you have grass to mow. Nice pretty grass. I’m jealous.

    I miss the days when we had play toys in our yard.

  8. For some reason I can’t see either picture.

  9. Ah, the lovely pollen film! Thank goodness our’s has come and gone!

  10. Glad you got your photo taken before the pollen film set in. 🙂 I think your trash bin/dog playing trade is fair. You probably don’t even notice it anymore do you?

  11. I’m with chrisb. I’d’a said something to my neighbors. Wait!! Is THAT why Jenny moved? …

    Oh. I SO dig the toys in the yard! That’s next year for me!!

  12. my kids would love a play structure like that!

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