No Post Tonight

I was actually going to post something riveting tonight.  Ok, maybe not riveting but better than the drivel that has been written lately.

Since I have said “Get back in bed” eighty bajillion times in the last hour and a half, there will be no post tonight.

I know you are all disappointed.

You may resume your lives.

Take me with you.  Please.




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11 responses to “No Post Tonight

  1. God, you’d not want to go with me. Moody husband, miserable baby, testing-the-limits-of-my-patience preteens. Pretty cute toddler though.

  2. We will all be waiting for the riveting post tonight!!

  3. I’ll wait for the riveting post 🙂

  4. Just double checking to make sure the flip flop made it to you. Let me know if you didn’t get it!

    Trust me, you don’t want to tag along with me in my life. You’d start begging for an escape within minutes.

  5. Been there. We will still be here when the riveting post comes out. And then fill me in on how to write a riveting post.

  6. I’ll take you with me. Come on over. I warn you though, it’s less than riveting over here too.

  7. Riveting is soooo not required to entertain me!


  8. Also, what is this life of which you speak?

  9. You don’t want to come with me – although I’d be happy for the help. Husband is on business travel and I’m single parenting it this week!

  10. Riveting is good. Can you teach me?

  11. hmm waiting for the next RIVET.. uhmm sure come on over.. we can play frisbee with the dogs they love that… You might not.. but they do… 🙂

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