Fun Monday- The Mug (No Not My Face)

Willowtree is hosting Fun Monday.  Head over and check out the other participants.

His challenge is:

 So here it is, I would like to see your favourite Coffee Mug. But wait there’s more, I’d also like to see your favourite glasses for a) non alcoholic drinks and b) alcoholic drinks. If you want extra credit you could also post your favourite plate. Note I said favourite, not best.


Here is a picture of my favorite mug.  It’s tall and holds a lot of liquid.  I suppose it could hold a lot of solids too. 

I am not posting pictures of the other glasses in my cabinet because, frankly they aren’t glass.  I am embarrassed to admit we have cheap-o plastic tumblers.  All beverages are consumed from the 5 for $1 clear plastic, champagne and soda pop alike.


I have children. 

That’s the usual excuse I give, but since we’re friends here I can tell you the real reason.  I can’t be trusted with real glass glasses.  I’m a breaker.  Don’t tell anyone.

I’ll just blame it on the kids anyway.



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19 responses to “Fun Monday- The Mug (No Not My Face)

  1. You need a mug that will hold plenty when you’re blogging saves leaving the computer too often! Now my children have long flown the nest I enjoy using my ‘glass ware’ but it seems I too cannot be trusted and I broke one of my favourites recently. No use crying over spilt milk as the saying goes!

  2. It’s always me who breaks the glass too, that’s why I always buy the cheap glass, when it’s all broken I replace it. The children mostly drink out of plastic although my 14 year old now prefers glass.

    That mug is good and big to hold lots of caffeine to help get you through the day!

  3. I love big mugs…I’m always on the lookout for them. Found some great ones at a dollar store–imagine that, right?

    While I like nice glasses, mine come from Target or (shhh!) the dollar store. I don’t see the point in spending a crapton of money on something that will most likely end up broken.


  4. brown eyed girl

    I’m the breaker in my house too..and it’s not just glasses. I only have about 3 dessert plates left from our original set of 8. Why? Cuz I suck.

  5. I bet you fart and blame the dog too, don’t you?!?!??!

  6. haha what are you going to do when the kids grow up?? Still blame them for breaking all the glasses? 🙂
    Love you cup, dang that will hold alot of coffee, save trips over to the coffee pot that’s for sure.
    I have switched to the new square dishes from Correlle and love them. yeah me square, okay I do admit it!! OLD AND SQUARE, but I am me!!!

  7. Lol, hell I have glass and still use the cheapo plastic tumblers!

  8. A very nice mug it is. It really is very pretty – my mugs all look alike so I appreciate a nice one.

    At our house we just make the kids drink out of plastic. We aren’t that nice at our house…

    This is my first visit here – I’ll have to come back by.

    Have a good day.

  9. Very pretty mug –

    I have tons of plastic too – and it continually grows and grows….but I don’t like to drink out of plastic, so the glass is for only ME!!!!

  10. Oh, Honey. It’s okay. I’m married to a breaker. My mom’s best friend is a breaker. And I love both of them.

    But that is definitely why wood wine goblets is a good idea.

    And your mug is very pretty!!

  11. I prefer drinking out of plastic as well. Or just straight out of the can.

  12. Beautiful mug! As for plastic, there’s nothing wrong with plastic, plastic rocks! I actually kind of miss my kids being young because I used to buy them plastic glasses all the time. Saved me stressing and we all loved them.

  13. Alas I break everything too. Right now I’m drinking out of a giant green plastic tumbler – and even it is cracked…much like my mind I suspect. 😉

  14. I’m a breaker too.
    (glass and wind.. what can I say)

  15. I’m the glass breaker in my house too. I am also not allowed to use sharp knives.

  16. mjd

    Your mug is pretty. We have quite a few plastic tumblers too. We break things without children in our home.

  17. I wouldn’t worry about the plastic glasses, you’re one of the last posts I’ve read, and you are definitely not alone in that respect. I guess the kid factor plays a large role in what glasses you have available.

    That is a nice looking mug though.

  18. I break too, or more often chip. So do my kids. It’s the way we do dishes I think. The whole throwing them in the sink just doesn’t seem to be the way to go.

  19. Glass is more trouble, maybe because of the POTENTIAL to break it…I always grab plastic first. Except when we have company, then the adults get glass and the kids get plastic… Stuff breaks, so that’s why I get ALL my glassware from Target or Walmart (but for “special” drinks, I do splurge a little…a cosmo in a “pretty glass” tastes 10% better 😉 ).

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