Fit Friday

Week Two!

I lost, are you ready for it?  A half of a pound!  That’s right a half of a pound.  That kind of cracks me up.  Giant loss in week one, itty bitty loss in week two.

My big excuse- late last night that bitch, Flo, stopped over and decided to stay awhile.  I retain more water than a camel.

I’m not too upset about this low loss.  I was talking to a co-worker earlier in the week about my game plan.  I decided rather than go by how much weight I lose in one week that I would look at the overall picture. 

Whatever do you mean Mama?

Well, sweetie, I mean this: 

My goal is to lose 100 pounds by my fortieth birthday on August 30, 2009.  That is roughly 121 weeks from my start day.  That means I would have to lose .83 pounds per week to be on target.  I think that .83 pounds a week is a realistic expectaion.  So instead of the usual “I lost 1.6 pounds this week” I will be doing something a bit different:

Week 2 Target Weight:  266.84

Week 2 Actual Weight:  261.5

ON Target!

I think this way of doing it will help to keep me on track.  It will take into account good weeks, bad weeks and period weeks.  I’ll see the big picture.  I won’t be depressed and ready to hang it all for Ben & his pal Jerry.  Let’s face it, at Christmas I will be eating cookies and I won’t feel guilty about it as long as I am doing well overall.

I also decided to call this Fit Friday.  Weight Loss Wednesday was just to much pressure for me because it was all about the loss.  I’m not after just weight loss, although that is a huge part of it.  My goal is overall (look, there’s that word again!  I seriously need a thesaurus) health and fitness.

Sidenote:  As another part of my fit plan, I switched to ultra light cigarettes.  Not as good as quitting but a step in that direction.

As always, I would love your feedback.  What do you think- am I just deluding myself with this plan?  Or is it going to work?

What little tricks do you play on yourself?



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17 responses to “Fit Friday

  1. This is a great way to look at it!!!

  2. I think that is a briiliant way to look at it. You should write a book with your plan and make millions!

  3. Awesome way of thinking about this!! I know my first week on weight watchers I lost 8 lbs. then the second week was much lower! They tell you to expect that. Your first week is all water weight and is usually the “easiest” (if there is such a word in relation to losing weight) to loss! 1/2 lb loss is good!! Means your still doing what you need to do! Also great way to think about the weight loss….it will definitely help you stick with your diet…keep up the good work! Your doing AWESOME!

  4. You are very smart and you are doing great!

  5. You have the right attitude that’s for sure, so know you will achieve your goal. Also you are approaching things in a realistic way. If it was me I would want it off ALL at once, and as for the light cigs, hell I can’t hang with those, so it’s regular or quit!! Like quitting is in the pic for me, NOT, even though it should be.
    Keep up with your positive attitude it’s the best way. I admire your determination and your stamina girl, I really do. You are taking steps towards improving yourself where as people like me just whine about weight and don’t even try. I hope your attitude will rub off on me, and motivate me, I so need that.

  6. I think that’s a great idea! It makes dieting and losing weight and exercising have less pressure! I think you will do better than you are expecting! I can’t do the ultra light ciggies, but I am planning a cold-turkey quit date very very very soon!!!! Maybe I will do a Cold-Turkey Tuesday!

  7. I love this plan! I love this plan so much that I am going to use it when I start my weight-loss effort next week. (NOT this week. THIS week I am getting married. There is only so much one woman can do in one week.) I think it’s a fabulous approach.

  8. You have a great attitude! Don’t get discouraged.

  9. Excellent…..I love the new plan!! 🙂

  10. awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fabulous! I drink diet coke and fat free popcorn and tell myself it’s a rich desert.

  12. I think it’s a great way to look at it as well. The more chances to be rewarded and reach your goals, the more likely you will stick with it. Congrats!

  13. I love it!! Can I switch to Fit Friday too instead of WLW? You are too, too clever.

  14. Feck you’re smart. Can you make this a blog wide thing?

  15. I just re-started Weight Watchers. This weeks weight loss ought to be the best after spending 2 days with the stomach flu!

    You’ve got a great outlook. Keep up the good work. You’ve got great support!

  16. Joy

    Its a great plan and its one that looks like it will work. However if you are excerising then you will gain wieght through muscle as muscles wiegh more then fat.. so what I do as I am losing weight is not so much look at the total wieght as much as the inches that I’m losing. I measure myself around the problem areas and then weekly measure it to see if i’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I used to wieght 397 and now I’m down to 233 so this seems to be the only way that keeps me motivated. If I look at the scale then I get discouraged as I’m excersing and gaining muscle and it seems like its not working.. but I am losing wieght because i’m losing the inches and my clothes are fitting loser until I have to get new sizes.

    Keep up the great work though and dont’ be discourage if you only lose a half pound.. every bit helps. And think of it this way.. look at a pound of ground beef.. that is the same as what you will lose if you lose a pound of fat.. so that is good.. keep up the great work.. your doing wonderful!

  17. That sounds like a great plan. I’m so proud of you, you are so motivated and have a great outlook. I’m hoping I can muster up the motivation soon.
    I’ve been okay at the working out but awful at the cutting down on food.

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