The Week From Hell- OK, Maybe Heck

My “real life” friend called today.  “What’s up?  You still have your Monday entry up.”

It’s pretty funny that even she keeps up with me via this blog!  So what’s up?  

  • No internet connection since Tuesday.  Since I’m not supposed to blog at work and I really didn’t feel like dealing with tech support, this is the first post in a few days.
  • The Big Guy & I have hit a rough patch.
  • Pray for him.
  • He needs it.
  • Ebaby had field day at school today.
  • Very unorganized and kind of annoying.
  • She goes to a Nursery through 8th grade school.
  • The games were not really geared toward the little kids.
  • The cleaning people came Tuesday.
  • I wasn’t impressed.
  • The shower was still dirty.
  • They broke three of my tilt and clean windows right off the sashes.
  • I fixed them.
  • But, hello, I had better things to do.
  • They were highly recommended by a woman I work with.
  • They sucked.
  • I feel like I pissed away $140.
  • I should have paid a sitter $50 to watch Ebaby all day and done it myself.
  • I am so behind at work it’s not even funny.
  • I’m tired.
  • Aunt Flo is still visiting and it is seriously time for that bitch to pack it in.
  • I have eaten everything that isn’t nailed down.
  • Whatever.
  • The library called and said I had a book overdue for the last three weeks.
  • Found it on the bookshelf.
  • Duh.
  • I guess I’ll be making a donation to the library.
  • I bought some badly needed new bras.
  • I have been the same cup size since Ebaby’s birth.
  • Not any more.
  • I lose seven pounds and it all comes right from my boobs.
  • What the hell?
  • I’m going to read your blogs now.
  • I hope you’re having a better a week than I am.


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10 responses to “The Week From Hell- OK, Maybe Heck

  1. Hopefully this weekend will be a little better….

    And yes, alot of my weight loss was in my boobs as well!

  2. Awww….I’m sorry this week has sucked canal water. Hope things improve!!

  3. I hired and fired at least 8 cleaning services and individuals until I found this one. There are a LOT of bad ones out there. It stinks. If you lived here, I’d share mine with you.

    I wish I had lost boob weight. I never did, no matter my weight. So I had to have them cut down. Seriously.

    7 lbs.? YOU ROCK!!

    Big Guy – email me stat lady!

  4. Oh bad weeks suck donkey balls! But yay on the 7 lb weight loss! That rocks!

  5. brown eyed girl

    Yeah…I’m worried about cleaning services too when I start in a few months.

    I lose weight from my boobs first too..not sure what is up with that but really I don’t long as I lose it from somewhere.

    I need new bras.

    I can’t wait to get a library card at my new library once I move, although I’m sure I’ll end up making a donation to them at some point too..cuz I suck like that.

    Aunt Flo finally left town for me yesterday too…bitch stayed over a week this time…don’t know what that was about.

  6. At least your crappy week comes right before a 3-day weekend, right? Sorry it sucked so bad. Call the cleaning company and tell them you are dissatisfied and maybe they will refund you some of your payment! Can’t hurt, what have you got to lose!

  7. Sorry to hear about your bad week, and that the cleaners sucked. I hope things get better from now on.

    Well done on the 7lb loss, that’s brilliant.

  8. Sorry you had such a crappy week. But good job on getting new bras. I had a professional fitting last year and it really did make a difference (I was wearing the same size I’d worn for years, thinking nothing had changed–wrong!)

    The only reason I don’t make big library donations is If your library is on it, they send you emails when your books are about to be due.

  9. Oh honey, that blows. 😦

    I hope everything gets better. I’ll be thinking of you.

    And that bitch Aunt Flo needs to get outta my life too. Whorebag.

  10. Yuck, that really sucks.
    I am hoping to embark on new cleaners soon. (Soon hubby will be making money again.) yeah.
    Also, you’re not alone. Soon the library will be taking my house over Babies Everywhere. A board book that Jeffrey decided to chew on.

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