Fit Friday #3

Goal weight:  266.01

Actual weight:  261.0

ON Target!

For those of you who read yesterday’s post, I just wanted to clarify, seven pounds is my total lost, not this week’s loss.

I’m down another 1/2 pound and frankly, I am ecstatic.  After this week, with it’s torture and extended visit from “my friend”, I really expected to gain at least two pounds!

I was emailing my pal MaryP (who just got married this past Monday, go say congrats) over the weekend.  Something I said struck me.  Yeah I said it but the reality of it didn’t sink in until after MaryP responded.  What did I say? 

It’s really not about the weight anymore, it’s about life and how we want to live it.

It isn’t about the weight.  It’s about life.  How much have I missed out on because of my weight issues?  I’m not talking about just the physical stuff.  Mama certainly isn’t aiming for the Tour de France or anything like that.  I’m talking about the mental hold back too.  What have I not done because I would be too embarrassed to do it?  What did I not experience because I was ashamed of my body?  What do I hold myself back from because I think people won’t accept me because of how I look?  How unfair to other people to not give them the grand oppurtunityof knowing me!  Just kidding.  Sort of.

How often have I gone to a school thing for Sis and sat in the back, hiding?

We want to go to Disney in a few years.  I’m afraid my fat ass won’t fit in an airplane seat.

I have very few pictures of me with my kids.  I don’t want to see myself.  When Ebaby looks at them years from now will she ask why I’m not in them?

Ebaby really wants to go to the beach.  We live about two minutes from some good beaches.  We have never gone in her lifetime.

I don’t wear shorts.  Ever.

I’m afraid to let go of Ebaby’s hand for fear that she will run off, as little ones will, and I won’t be able to catch her.

What legacy am I passing on to my girls?

Is this how I want to live my life?  HELL NO!

It isn’t just about the weight.  It’s about my life. 

Damnation, I want to live it!



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18 responses to “Fit Friday #3

  1. That just gave me chills.. I can so relate.. granted I do not have kids.. however I know what you mean.. I know how it feels not to fit in an airplane seat and I know how it feels to put that seatbelt on and prayer u do not have to ask for an extender.. Luckily in my limited travels I never have… I know about hiding.. and wanting people to accept me… boy do I know.. GREAT POST…

  2. thinking like that will hopefully give you the inspiration to continue losing weight.

    You go girl!

  3. Good for you. Ever since the death of my Bug, I have given a flying fig about my weight…to the point I have put on about 35 pounds. But for the first time, I don’t look starved, I feel good and I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks.

    Life is so precious and I don’t want my kids remembering me as too vain and worrying about my appearance to get dirty with them.

    When I went on the school trip with the kiddies last week, I was the ONLY mother who donned a swim suit and braved the pool, ignoring her pasty white thighs and the jello of cellulite on the back of them. All the other moms…thin or not so thin…sat back and watched. And missed out on the fun.

    I was in a pool for crying out loud, with water up to my chin. Granted it was hard to climb out of the pool and do the walk of shame to the change room, but it was so WORTH it when I got to sneak up on my son, grab him by his ankles and dunk the little bugger.

    Life is short.Embrace it honey.


  5. Sister, you are doing SO.GOOD! Keep it up!

  6. I was thinking this very thing today. There are so few pictures of me and my kids because I hate seeing how fat I am. Today we went to the zoo and I had my fella take a photo of the girls and I. One day, I hope we will look back at it and they can say “You were a lot bigger then.” And even if I don’t lose the weight, at least there will be pictures of my kids and I.

  7. What a wonderful post!!!

    And an even better mindset… Seriously, with thoughts like that you can’t lose!

  8. Excellent–you’re doing so great!! I love your mindset and this post is oh so true for so, so many of us 🙂

  9. Oh WOW you are so inspiring to anyone who reads your blog. Your out look is awesome and you know, you will do great.
    You gave me chills as I relate to alot of what you said. Pictures, ugh I so despise them, but then when I am gone, my kids won’t have any good pics of me. Yes, it’s life and what you want out of it, not what people want you to look like etc. Screw the other people, you are thinking correctly. You have goals, and I know you will reach them!!!!
    Keep up the good work and soon you will be in the teacups at Disneyland, enjoying life to the fullest!!!

  10. Way to go! This was a really inspiring post!

  11. SJ

    What an inspiring post….for someone like me who’s been on the weight loss wagon for about 2 years now and still hasn’t met their goal, you’ve put some life back into my determination..

    Thanks, I needed this!

  12. Awesome saying!! Very inspiring! Congrats on your weight loss! I too agree it’s how you live life and not what you look like….If you can get past wondering what people are thinking of you then that is your biggest hurdle!! Great job!

  13. happyworkingmom

    First of all, CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS SO FAR!!!! You are doing great, keep up the good work.

    Secondly, all of those things you don’t do? My mom didn’t/doesn’t do them either (for the most part) and it really, really hurts me. I hate that I don’t have many pictures of her. No matter what her size is, I still love her for her, but because she is too self-concious, there’s not very many pictures. I hate that there are places we don’t go because she either won’t fit, or it’s too much walking, or whatever. I would love to share these places and experiences with her, but I can’t.

    Your daughter will truly thank you for your hard work. I promise.

  14. You have just written the words so many of us feel.
    Keep up the good work! (I’d be doing better if my PMS didn’t keep calling me to the cookie jar….)

  15. With that mindset, I know you can do it!

  16. HELL YEAH! That’s the way to look at it. You deserve to live your life–really live it.

  17. What a great post Mama! What a great outlook. Freaky how much you are like me…I’ve been “in hiding” most of my life too. I’m going to turn it around. Allow pictures to be taken of me, double chin and all. When my husband died, I gained this point of view but lost it since. Thanks for the reminder of what is important.

  18. To this, I simply applaud you.

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