Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail…

It was like Christmas at Mama’s house today.  Look what came in the mail:


My Secret Blog Swap package came today!  Karmyn sent the perfect package.  Note the gift card to one of my favorite places!  What will I get?  Also included, a squishy, netty, sponge thing (obviously I can’t remember the proper name for this) and some of the most awesome smelling shampoo/body wash I have ever stuck my nose in.  I have already asked her where I can get more!  It’s “Waffle Cone”!  How freakin appropriate!  (Damn that’s a lot of exclamation points.)  I’m pretty sure that is one of Emma’s cards.  I love that too!  (One more for good measure.)  Thank you Karmyn, you made my day.

I sent out my package but of course forgot to take a picture before sending it off.  Can I just say- US Postal Service, what the hell is up with your rates?  I rarely use the mail any more, I mostly use online services and the Big Guy works for one of those world wide shipping companies that I won’t name here.  Talk about sticker shock!

I had a really great time doing the Super Secret Blog Swap.  We have to do this again!



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16 responses to “Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail…

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! I buy Philosophy stuff on-line, but I think it can also be found in some of the upscale department stores (like Nordstrom). I can’t get enough of it – you now, if I can’t eat the goodies, then I at least want to smell it.

  2. SJ

    What a great package! My SSS person got hers today too! I had so much fun putting a package together, it was so fun! Frannie did an excellent job.

    Hopefully there will be more in the future!

  3. What a great package, I’d love to smell that body wash, it sounds divine.

  4. I want the smelly good stuff….it sounds like heaven in a bottle 🙂

  5. What a fun package. That waffle cone stuff sounds awesome! My package arrived yesterday (from SJ) – the swap so was much fun. Frannie rocks for organizing it!

  6. I’ve never used the Waffle Cone but the Cinnamon Bun is great! Still waiting for my secret swap and I’ve not heard yet if my person got my box….

  7. Oooooooo, I want to do a secret blog swap!!!!! What a great gift. I love bookstore gift certificates.

  8. Aren’t the poofy things called a “poof”? That’s their name in our house at least.
    Waffle cones are the best. Yummy!!!!

  9. there will definately be more SSS’s in the future! What an awesome package!

    and I was the same way with the sticker shock! My package cost more to mail than the stuff inside was worth!

  10. Waffle cone sounds an interesting fragrance. Also love the card, you had some nice surprises.

  11. That’s a great package and nope, not my card. I think that’s Kamryn’s work, and it’s lovely.

  12. That waffle cone bath gel sounds awesome. What a great idea, to have a gift swap. And I get so excited when I get a B&N gift card–best present EVER!

  13. SOunds wonderful!! NOw don’t stress about what to buy..just go there and whatever you want get it! Love the idea of a secret blog swap!!

  14. Great package you received, waffle cone, wow so appropriate for you.
    The blog swap sounds fun and look you proved it is fun.
    have fun with it and you will be the best smelling person in town!!!
    Oh the puffy thing, well we call it the spongie thing, haha guess everyone has their own name for it. Yet, everyone knows what it is!!1

  15. Have you SEEN all the philosophy soap “flavors?” It’s incredible. That’s all I want for Christmas now.

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