Blog Crap

All of you out there who have your own URLs:

I have been thinking of getting my own site rather than using the free WordPress one.  I want to continue using WordPress.  Anyway, I want your opinions on hosting, design, pricing, etc.  Who do you use?  Why?  How much for hosting?  How much for design?  Anything you think I need to know.  Leave a comment or email me at icecreammama at gmail dot com.

Why do I want to do my own site?  I miss the Java Script on Sitemeter.  My nosiness knows no bounds.  I want to know where you’re coming from and where you are going to.

I get an average of 70 hits a day (not counting the few of you who check in a couple times a day and also not counting Fun Mondays because my stats are way higher on those days).  I get 10-20 or so comments per post. 

So the question is:  Who are you people?  Say something already!  You’re here, you keep coming back so say hi.  I’ll even come visit your blog.  Or maybe that’s what you are afraid of.  Maybe you’ve seen the asinine comments I’ve left at other people’s blogs.  If that’s the case, say so and I won’t visit your blog.  But just say something!

Yesterday I had visitors from 3 different .edu places.  Name recognizable .edu places.  I find this strange-ish.  I also had a visitor from my local area that is not one of the 3 real life people I know.  If one of my family members has found this site- hi, love you!  

Also, whoever is reading me in Singapore- hi!  Seeing foreign countries in my site meter tickles me for some reason!  Who am I kidding, seeing New York in my site meter tickles me (hi Kellie and Kelly!)

Uh…I just ran out of things to say.

Concluding the dumbest post ever. 



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23 responses to “Blog Crap

  1. Oh girl, don’t even get a sister started on lurkers.
    But I’m here! HI!!
    (And if you got a hit from, I know who it is…email me and we’ll talk about it.)

  2. Those lurkers are driving me crazy. I’ve actually got someone who reads my blog translated into Japanese sometimes. Who is this person? (I’ve also seen it translated into Spanish and Russian).

  3. I want my own URL and kickin’ site design, too!! The few I’ve checked out are out of my price range for the time being!!

    I’m nosey, too…it’s all good 🙂

  4. Maybe you could give me a lesson on the url business, cause I have no clue….

  5. I’m curious, do you see me? I read you on Google Reader, but only pop in when I feel the urge to comment. So, here you go, a hit from Poughkeepsie.

  6. happyworkingmom

    I have no advice for you on the hosting thing because, Hello, I’m still on dumb blogger. I believe though that when I switch, hubby is going to set me up my own site on his work server that hosts some of his clients’ sites. I would think having your own site would be the most beneficial because you can do whatever you want.

  7. I stalk you, but I’m just creepy like that. I promise I won’t peek in your windows or boil your pet bunny.

  8. brown eyed girl

    I am the “coming back more than twice a day” people..I always like to read comments.

    However, this was so not the dumbest blog ever…I really liked knowing who is stalking you.


  9. Lurkers drive me crazy too! You know my retarded ass is here!

    No advice on the website thing, though, sorry.

  10. You could be like me and ban the URLs of lurkers…but then you’d have to be a bitch like me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    I have my own url. Swank Web Design (hi Karen! hi Emily!) hosts it (and purchased it for me since I’m clueless about that – I just had to pay them back). I pay $8 / month. Chump change, totally worth it. Karen designed my site and moved everything over for me. She is PRICELESS and really gets you (not sure on her fee?). I can’t (kiss up) say enough about her. Email me if you want an introduction. She’s done several of my friends’ blogs now too.

  11. I’m here most days. Sometimes I comment and sometimes not.

    I don’t think this was a dumb post – you should collect all the info about doing you own site and then do a little tutorial for those of us who don’t have a clue (that would be me).

  12. You sound just like my girl Lizarita in this post. I rarely visit a blog and without leaving a comment. It’s just the polite thing to do and my mama taught me manners.
    As for the URL business? I’ve got nothing for you. I use blogger for free cause I’m cheap like that.

  13. I have no idea–I’m on Blogger because I can’t do all that stuff. I don’t even know how to check my own stats. (Pathetic, I know.)

    I read a lot of blogs but I don’t always comment. At first I was too shy; and also, someone else had often said what I wanted to say. Now I am commenting more often.

  14. I never stop telling you I’m here! I’m crazy like that.

  15. D

    Well normally I don’t post many comments as you know but I thought this one I would suprise you with….just for the heck of it. Hope all is great my gal! And hope to see you soon for some fun in the sun!

  16. I don’t know if I’m a lurker or not. How pathetic that I can’t remember if I’ve commented. I don’t normally lurk so I’m sure I commented before. You mentioned Fun Monday so that’s probably how I found you. Ya. That’s probably it.
    And that right there is why people are so glad I don’t comment.

  17. How can you say this is the dumbest post ever???…I got a “shout out!” Made my Day and made me happy!! I have no clue on the url business either..but please share whatever you find out! I am interested as well!!

  18. I just switched to my own site and from blogger onto wordpress. I’m super happy with both. Karen at Swank did my blog design/move and Swank also hosts my site for me. Email me if you want to know the cost for design, I can dig up my receipt. My hosting fees are right around what CPA Mom said – but I forget exactly b/c I paid for a year up front (you can pay montly if you want but I think it was a little cheaper to pay annually). Do it, you know you wanna! : )

    And I just noticed tonight that I get traffic from all over the world – China is my biggest traffic referer!

  19. I’ve used as my web host for a couple years now. Costs $4 per month. is where I register my domain name. A paltry $9 a year.

    I installed WordPress software myself (it’s about as complicated as, say, configuring a fancy universal remote to work all your TV and stereo equipment).

    One thing I noticed about versus a self-installed version is that the stats are nicer on the free service.

    You can upgrade your free blog and get a custom domain name. Honestly, I think I’d recommend sticking with the free service and paying for a few upgrades rather than rolling your own from scratch. You’ll have less headache.

    The big attraction to rolling your own installation is that you can go crazy with plugins (or widgets). These are free doodads that do all manner of cool things. But are they worth the hassle of all the work necessary to get to the point where you can use them? Debatable.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  20. I’m here, just checking out your site, and wanting to thank you for an awesome SSS gift!! Thanks so much, and here you go – a site hit from Halifax, NS – expect to ‘see me’ more often 🙂

  21. Well I’m here a lot and I try and comment when I have something worthwhile to say. I too wonder where all the people are coming from to visit my blog.
    I don’t know anything about moving to your own url. I just use wordpress. I’m happy with the stats it gives me.

  22. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  23. Thank you for the absolutely super post . Will now more daily . Greetings from Cologne

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