Fit Friday Four

When I typed the title all I could think about was Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction.  You know, when she talks about the pilot she was in.  Fox Force Five.

Anyway, here’s the stats:

Goal Weight:  265.18

Actual Weight:  262.0

Amazingly enough ON TARGET!

Yeah I gained a pound but I am still on track.  There’s been some funky shit goin down in my city lately.  How do I respond to the funky shit?  I eat.  Luckily I’ve been doing some smart grocery shopping so there isn’t anything to heinous in my house right now.  But if it wasn’t nailed down- I ate it.

I had intended to talk about emotional eating this week but I need some more time to ponder the issue.

Then I thought I would talk about my addiction to the obesity shows on tv but I wanted to link to some of them and I don’t feel like googling tonight.

So what am I going to talk about?

You.  Yes you. 

When I started this blog I never figured anyone would actually read it.  I was going through a tough time having just had another miscarriage and needing an outlet of some kind.  So I started a blog.  And what do ya know people read it!  And you came back for more.

The past couple of weeks have been rough around here.  I’ve alluded to it but haven’t gone into any detail.  I’m not teasing you but I’m still not giving the details- that would be breaking one of my rules.  I briefly mentioned it in someone’s comment section the other day.  Two hours later I got an email from another commenter offering me support!  (You know who you are- love ya!)

Another fab blogger has some pretty big stuff of her own going on but has emailed me a bunch of times saving my sanity.  (Love you too!)

The last (or first, depending how you want to look at it) three Fit Fridays have brought some amazing comments and encouragement. 

My point, I think I have one somewhere around here, is I never really expected to make friends blogging.  But I have.  I jokingly refered to my regulars (you know who you are and you know who everyone else is) as “My Circle of Trust” last week.  (Watch “Meet the Parents” if you don’t get the reference.  Watch it anyway because it is freakin hilarious.)  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized you guys really are My Circle of Trust.  You guys support and encourage me.  I feel like if I were to meet any of you I would be instantly comfortable with you.  Like we’ve been friends for a long time.

That saying “I love my computer because that’s where my friends live” is actually true.  Who’d a thunk it?



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16 responses to “Fit Friday Four

  1. very well put! My friends live in my computer, too!

  2. Congrats on the weight!! It’s tough but you are doing it!!! That is so awesome!! Keep up the good work!

    It is amazing the people you meet on here isn’t it?? People from all around the world..literally..and whats even better is that they’ve become friends!! I love it. I was sketchy when Kellie first talked me into it..I thought yeah I will give this a shot! But now..I can’t wait to get home and read how everyone’s day was or what everyone is up to!! Its great and I too am totally addicted!!!

  3. Congrats on the weigh in!

    Online friends are a special breed. Nurture them and they’ll pay you back even more.

  4. Good job – on target! I should go edit my post and link to this one…..this is exactly what I was talking about!

  5. I think I like my blogging friends better than my face to face friends sometimes. Certainly the bloggers know more about me.

  6. Good job on your goals, see you can do anything you set your mind to!!!
    Friends through blogging, hell you all are more than friends to me, you are my LIFE. No joke either. I feel comfortable with all of you in the blogging “circle” that I have. Makes for a great day to chat with my “life saving friends”

  7. I have met some of my best friends through the computer. Amazing, huh?
    And congrats on being on target. That is awesome!

  8. Nikki

    I also congratulate you! And you are right about finding community in the blogosphere. I feel the same way. I started blogging for me, but it turns out I really enjoy it for the interaction I get from other people. I feel like I’m sounding extremely narcissistic. I hope you know what I mean! Anyway, great post.

  9. Ooops! Forgot my url!

  10. D

    You know i’m here for you babe – and considering I live in the same time I must admit I am intrigued by what the “funky shit” is……going to keep me wondering? love ya!

  11. Excellent work with your weight loss. A pound is nothing. If it’s 20, then be upset over it 🙂

    I’m sorry things are rough for you right now–please e-mail me if you need to vent. I promise I won’t give any assvice 🙂

    I LOVE my blogging friends–it’s amazing how you feel like part of their life, to share in their ups and downs. I’d be lost without all of you…now if we could all meet in real life one day. How awesome would THAT be? Hmmm…idea brewing 🙂

  12. Now you have me wondering if I ‘m one of the ones you described above…

    I’m emailing you that picture of my friends live in my computer.

    I am so blessed you are one of MINE. And I can’t wait until we get our tattoos for losing the weight.

  13. happyworkingmom

    You know you’ll always get support from me! I’m so glad that you aren’t discouraged by the one pound gained and are looking at the bigger picture! That’s what important. We all fluctuate…I can go 5 lbs. either way depending on so many factors, so 1 lb. is nothing!

    Keep up the good work and attitude! And no matter what you are going through, your “friends” are here for you!

  14. I’ve met some pretty amazing people myself! It’s great to meet people that support and encourage you, especially if you have people in your life that don’t do that.


  15. I seriously doubt with out your support and those of my other blogging friends.. I would have been as successful at accomplishing my goals as I have been.. I am so glad I started my blog.. and so blessed to have people like you in my life..!!
    Congrats on the weight loss… its all good!!!

  16. It’s amazing how you suddenly have all these friends that you don’t “know”. Brian laughs at me because I have to check on all my blogging buddies and I get mad if I don’t have time to see how y’all are doing.

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