I Should Have Stayed In Bed

  • On  my way to work this morning, I was almost run into by a van.  He was coming right at me, literally right at the driver’s door.
  • When I say he stopped within a hair of me, I’m not exaggerating.
  • I just stopped shaking.
  • When I got to work my file clerk started on me.  Why are you throwing this away?  What happened to that file?  Why is it such a mess?  Why are you always messing things up?  Huh?  You work for me.  Those are MY files.  I need them and will put them where I want!
  • Did I mention that my file clerk is my mother?
  • Yeah, I’m stupid.
  • It is month end here and the usually insanity is occurring.
  • With the added fun of the computer system going down at least twice a day.
  • When I am in the middle of something important.
  • I gained a pound.  I know I said I wasn’t going to get twisted about this, but well, that’s for later anyway.
  • Please let me get through this day!


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12 responses to “I Should Have Stayed In Bed

  1. Life should be like the DVR/TiVo for cable…we should be able to rewind and start again or fast forward through the craptastic parts.

    No worries on gaining one pound. You’re still doing awesome and THAT’S what counts 🙂

  2. work sucks! I hate it for you! Meh, one pound, hey, no worries!

    Take off early, go home, grab yourself a drink and just relax.

    I know, easier said than done.

  3. Scary! Glad everything is alright though. I would have dropped a pound right there on my seat if that would have happened to me. Hope things turn around and mom get’s off your back and the computer smartens up.

  4. On the bright side of things – it’s Friday!

    The van thing is very scary…

    Don’t worry about the pound – just keep trying.

    See, I am trying to comment more and not lurk so much. I really am trying, but sometimes what I have to say isn’t all that profound.

  5. I am in month end close hell as well, especially since my office mate left…good luck.

  6. had one of those close calls last friday I was in a strip mall area parking lot and this lady was coming out of a Dairy Queen with a her cell phone glued to her ear.. she never stopped at her stop sign and I almost tee boned her.. I mean screaching brakes and everything.. she never swirved or stopped she was oblivious.. what a moron … glad u are okay.. and the days end will be here soon… have a great weekend though!!!

  7. Think of it this way…a car came close to hitting you but didn’t…that’s good!

    Your file clerk is your mother so she will always have something to point out to you as a problem…it’s what mom’s do best! Imagine having a file clerk who doesn’t love you.

    It’s Friday and if you don’t have to work tomorrow, it’s the best day of the work week!

    p.s. I only talk like the glass is half full on Fridays…you should see me the rest of the time!

  8. Sending vibes for a better day and an awesome weekend your way.

  9. TGIF and thank goodness for the weekend! Hope you do some good decompressing!!!

  10. I’m glad you are ok and the van did NOT hit you! It is scarey though!! Relax and have a good weekend!! You deserve it! 🙂

  11. wait, wait, your file clerk is your Mom??

  12. Hoping your weekend got better.

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