Fun Monday- The Creative One

Karmyn is today’s Fum Monday hostess.  Her challenge is:

 I’ve asked everyone to show us their crafty side….post something that was handmade….junior high shop table, scrapbook pages, burnt meatloaf, knitting projects, muffins, whatever….

Here is the extent of my creativity lately:


That mess?  I made it all myself!



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28 responses to “Fun Monday- The Creative One

  1. mjd

    Very funny…your answer is very creative, but even your mess looks well organized.

  2. YAY 🙂 Your mess is just in the spirit of my Fun Monday – I made dinner at my place 🙂

  3. You’re funny 🙂 That’s about the extent of my creativity EVER!!

  4. Well, I’m waaaay more creative than I realized. You should see my mess;o)

  5. Awesome. Just awesome.

  6. ROFLMAO!!!

    gotta love this.

    Mine’s shared….but your’s is much better!!

  7. Ha! Great craft…:)

  8. aesthetic appeal.. truly.

  9. Brilliantly creative. Now why didn’t I think of that I’m creative in every room in my house!!

  10. Are you SURE you didn’t have any help from kids? 🙂

  11. my creative craft is watching hubby vacuum and dust!!!! 🙂

  12. But uniquely placed to give it just the right ‘look’. To some a mess, to others art. Ahem.

  13. Well, heck….I’m more creative that I thought. And such a nicely stacked mess, at that! Great answer!

  14. A bit of creative chaos to be proud of!

  15. Now, that was funny! At least you finished your project….

  16. I couldn’t post my mess because my husband and kids made it!

  17. you are the bestest mess maker ever!

  18. Lol, I was gonna join in and post a pic of my kids! I made them didn’t I!

  19. Nice job. Good composition.

    I like the juxtaposition of the round ball with the square boxes. Also the contrasting colors of the red fake-ribbon on the white boxes, and also the red printing on brown boxes.

    Good stuff 🙂

  20. HAHA way too funny!! You should be so proud of your creativeness!! lol It’s neatly stacked at least!! lmao!

  21. This IS Smartass 101, isn’t it?

    Phew, I thought I came to the wrong class there for a second;).


  22. Nice!! Well done. 🙂

  23. Ha! Too funny. And yes, I really do have a Christmas ticker, it’s from last year, I’m just a lazy arse about removing things.

  24. I’m good at that too. Cleaning is so much more fun with company, I’ll help you if you help me.

  25. Okay, want to see something homemade. Yea, take a look at my last post. It was beautiful, and then….

  26. Not so bad….my “junk” closet looks much worse! At least you can walk in there….

    Peace to you on “Peace Globes Day” 2007!

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