She’s Good For My Self Esteem

Last night while I was in the bathroom, the door comes flying open.  Ah, Ebaby is a bit early for her nightly visit.

“Mama, whatchoo doin?”

“Getting jammied up.”  Yes we really say that.

I proceeded to take my shirt off.

“Oooh Mama, you look beautiful with that bwa on!”

“Aw thank you honey.”

I then took my bra off.

Big look of surprise, “Mama!  Why did your boobies lay down?  Are they tired?”



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21 responses to “She’s Good For My Self Esteem

  1. Chelle

    awww, the things kids say, eh? Priceless!

  2. THAT needs to go in her baby book 🙂

  3. Every time I think I may want to have kids… Something comes along to make me think I should wait. I’m going to boost my self-esteem a little first.

  4. I agree, that needs to be written down somewhere!

  5. Hahaha!! She was doing so well in the beginning! Too funny.

  6. *Snort*

    We sing the jammie song at our house…..

    “It’s jammie time”
    “It’s jammie time”

    I even sing it when I jammie my own self up.

  7. I tell ya, it was a good thing I was already in the bathroom! If I had to walk more than 2 steps I would have peed my pants laughing!

  8. That is the funniest thing I have read all day!!!!! Definitely gotta write that one down!

  9. Ahhh, the tired-mama AND the tired-boobies look! Classic, simply classic. When will they EVER wake up???

  10. It’s better than what I get from Tigger when he sees me get undressed – he comes right at my boobs, hands outstretched and says “MY boobies” and tries to cop a feel. Yeah, really.

  11. Oh, so cute!

    Unleash the girls and all they want to do is lay down…

  12. still laughing.. I love kids… I love what comes out of their mouths…
    U know u can have the worst day in the world.. but when u get home to your child.. and then u have a moment like that.. well.. U just gotta laugh…. thank god for children… who make the world a lighter place..

  13. OMG! Hilarious!

    The other day, my beloved son said, “Why is your hair so…white? You’re getting OLD mom!”

    Thank son! So supportive!

  14. that almost made me pee my pants!

    my ninnies are tired as well.

  15. H

    Fabulous! That’s made me grin.
    The munchkin’s not talking enough yet to give me comments like that, if she sees me getting changed then all she wants to do is pinch my nipples tightly between her nails!

  16. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no and this is why I don’t want Jojo to start talking more.

    I will work “all jammied up” into our nightly routine. And keep my bra on forEVER.

  17. Yeah, they’re tired…

    I think you HAVE written this down ;).

    Kids R.A.W.K. She’s definitely a cutie spewing stuff like that :).

  18. Oh God, thanks for the laugh. And CPA Mom’s comment made me laugh too.

  19. Bwah-ha. After a kid or two, *every* woman’s boobs are tired. Sad thing about mine? The left one is about 30% tireder than the right…. sigh…

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