Fit Friday Five!

Part of me wants to say, “Wow, Friday already?  Where did the week go?”

The other part wants to say, “Thank heaven this week is OVER!”

Anyway, on we go…

Target weight: 264.35

Actual weight: 262.0

ON Target

Actually I weigh the same as last week.  Want to know why?

Because of this stuff.  This is the very best caramel corn in the world! My neice went to Ocean City and brought some back for me.

The other reason:

Thanks Beccy!  They didn’t really contribute to my weight stagnation.  My sister was over with her son when they arrived.  Then the kids saw them.  Of course they wanted some.  They really saved me from scarfing up these yummy treats by myself!  Everyone loved them! 

Back on track this week for sure!

I am fascinated by all of the television shows lately that feature weight issues.  Most of them are on the Discovery Channel or one of its affiliates, Discovery Health or TLC.

Some shows feature Andover Village or Brookhaven Rehab, both nursing homes for the morbidly obese.

Some feature individual’s stories.

A new one, Big Medicine, focuses on a father/son medical practice that specializes in bariatric surgery (gastric bypass).  (Sidenote:  My mother, who is also extremely overweight, saw her doctor today.  Several week ago he prescribed Meridia.  It didn’t work.  Honestly, she didn’t do much to help it either.  They had another weight loss discussion.  The doctor told her the only thing that really works is gastric bypass.  I’m not sure I agree with that.) 

My friend, Honi, has a similar fascination and posted several times this week on these shows.  Check out what she had to say.

I watch these shows and my initial reaction is, “How did these people get so huge?”

But then I thought about it.

I thought how easy it would be to get that big.  Even easier than losing the weight maybe. 

Think about it. 

You are overweight.  Say 262 pounds.  Sound like someone we know?  You get depressed over your weight, life, whatever.  So you eat a bit more looking for comfort.  Then you are over 300 pounds. Maybe your health deteriorates.  Maybe your depression keeps you home, you are less active, you isolate yourself from a world that thinks obesity is still to be mocked.  You continue to gain.  You don’t want to.  You want to live a productive, fulfilling life.  Yet you are spiralling out of control.  So maybe you get to be 400, 500, 800 pounds.  You turn to places like Brookhaven or a surgical team.  

Instead of saying, “How did they get so huge?”  I should be saying, “There but for the grace of God…” 

Next week:  medical/surgical options



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8 responses to “Fit Friday Five!

  1. It would be sooo easy to hit 300, 400, 500. Right now, I”m about 25 lbs away from 300. Last fall, I was within 10. It was a hell of a lot harder to lose the 15-20 lbs than it would’ve been to gain 5 measley pounds (seriously, I can gain 5 lbs between breakfast and lunch, just by thinking about eating).

  2. You’re still on target – great! Weight stagnation is OK – it just means a bigger loss next week.

  3. Oh honey, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve watched several of these shows and I think, “I could so easily get those that point.” Already I am overweight and I suffer from depression. I have to really work on being “okay” on a day-to-day basis. Everyone says, “Oh you are so funny” but I’m only funny because it keeps me from crying.

    Anyway. Sorry to make that all about me. Such a good post. Thanks for writing it.

  4. Another excellent on target week. We love being on target 🙂 Good for you, you’re going awesome–I hope you’re taking pictures of your progress!!

  5. very good posts… and one of my favorite sayings

  6. Congrats on another week of being on target!!

    Sometimes I watch the show, Intervention on A&E and say to myself “how do they get so hooked on drugs and alcohol”. Then I realize that it’s an addiction. Yeah, they chose to start, but after that, it’s a physical and mental addiction. Overeating and smoking ciggies is the same. There are plenty of times, I know that I am full, but I keep eating. Why would I do that? I don’t know. I think getting addicted to anything is a lot easier than some people think it is.

  7. Yeah! On TARGET! we are THIS close to shopping for new clothes together.

    Hey, call me about gastric bypass or email me or whatever. I am COMPLETELY against it as it killed my husband. I can’t believe your mom’s doctor is only giving that medicine a few weeks. So many doctors are gung ho for surgery.

  8. BIG MEDICINE Season 2 on TLC
    Premieres January 9th 10pm EST/10pm PST/9pm CST

    TLC’s hit show is back for its second season! Big Medicine returns with bigger and better stories than ever as individuals undertake drastic measures to take a bite out of their obesity. From a previously 1000lb man looking to take his first step in 7 years, to a devastated mother looking to complete her weight loss transformation after losing her daughter to suicide, the stories captivate, and inspire. We’ll see how obesity affects people’s sex lives, relationships and changes marriages forever. Tears will be shed, smiles will be shared, and hope will be instilled as Big Medicine proves there is light at the end of everyone’s tunnel!

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