Fun Monday- The Kitchen

Today’s Fun Monday hostess is Joy over at A Spot of T.  She wants to see our kitchens.

I love my kitchen.  Two years ago we put an addition on our house doubling its size to nine hundred square feet.  My old kitchen was minuscule.  You had to stand to the side to open the fridge!  My two cabinets were made of plywood.  The stove was one of those half size things popular in campers.

But now, my kitchen is the largest room in my house and I love it!  Did I say that already?

Here is a view of our workspace.  I left it just the way it was so you could get the full effect.  By this I mean, I was too lazy to clean it just for you.

Here is the opposite side of the kitchen, also known as the feeding spot.  Behind those louver doors is my washer/dryer.  Yes the table is not centered under the light.  If we do that we can’t get to the computer.  Poor planning, the Big Guy plans to fix it this summer.  Up on the shelves are vegatable people and my collection of “readers”, little statues of people or animals reading books.

This is one of my very favorite pieces of furniture.  It is the Big Guy’s grandmother’s Hoosier cabinet. 

Well that’s my kitchen.  Stop by for a cup of coffee one day. 

PS:  WordPress spellcheck isn’t working and again, I’m lazy, so excuse any spelling errors.



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28 responses to “Fun Monday- The Kitchen

  1. mjd

    Congratulations on the fine new kitchen, I like the remodeled version. Your kitchen is welcoming. I see that you have coffee on. Can I stop by today?

  2. Lovely kitchen, you have so much space but it still looks very homely. Seeing your grandmother’s cabinet took me immediately back to my childhood as it’s just like one we had back then.

  3. The hutch is lovely.

    Wait, you’re supposed to clean your kitchen?

  4. happyworkingmom

    What a nice huge kitchen! It must be so nice to have that space and storage compared to what you said you used to have!

  5. Oh, my gosh, I LOVE that cabinet!

  6. I love the cabinet…it is absolutely beautiful.

  7. 900 Square feet???? I will never again complain about the size of my house.

    I love that hutch – very nice.

  8. Vegetable people – how fun! I love finding out the different things people collect.

    The cabinet is beautiful!

  9. 900 square feet? Holy crap! Now THAT’s a kitchen. Love it. I really like the curtains too and the hutch is really special. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Just to clarify:

    My kitchen is NOT 900 sq ft. My ENTIRE house is 900 sq ft.

    I wish.

  11. You doubled your house to 900 square feet? You must have been on top of each other before that! Love your kitchen, it looks very comfortable.

  12. I had no idea I would see so many renovations today and great ideas! Love your kitchen, I’ll be over next week for a cup of joe. 🙂

  13. Coffee..when? I’ll be right over.

    Great kitchen – I want to see more about the vegetable people!

    What is with the wordpress spelling? I am so slow I didn’t even realize it wasn’t working – I just thought I spelled everything right – HA.

  14. LOVE the cabinet!! Kitchen looks nice and warm. I can be there in abour 4 hours? We’ll have coffee, ice cream and then go to Target?

  15. You have a very lovely, inviting kitchen.

    I love the cabinet. Beautiful.

  16. I think my favorite spot in your kitchen is the Hoosier cabinet. It reminds me of my grammy’s.

    Oh! And you’re a lucky dawg! I’d love to remodel our kitchen.

    And the invite for coffee? I’ll be over in 5 minutes! Be sure to have some coffee cake, too. No wait, I’ll bring some! lol

    Happy Monday!

    See you next week!


  17. Love the kitchen. Lots of counter space and so open. Those are the kind of kitchens I love!

    I would totally come by for a cup of coffee!

  18. H

    That cabinet is beautiful, I’d love to be able to put something like that in my kitchen.

  19. The Hoosier cabinet is so amazing!! Gorgeous!! Oh, and I have my washer/dryer in my eatin’ space, too. I’ve always thought that was odd, but it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one!!!!

  20. Very cozy and nice – love the Hoosier cabinet, and didn’t have a clue as to what one was until you posted it!

  21. Ooooooo…spacious and lots of shiny cabinets…all looks very well lived. 🙂

    I keep waiting for ice cream, but okay…I suppose I’ll settle for coffee, since you’re so kind to invite. 😀

  22. Pretty, pretty.

    I’d love to come by! 🙂

  23. Great big kitchen. I think the rules should have stated that there was to be no cleaning up before taking the photo 🙂

  24. he Big Guy’s grandmother’s Hoosier cabinet is awesome

    your kitchen looks the same shape as mine.
    I NEVER have enough counter space… especially when we start throwing the mail on it.

  25. very nice!! I love it!

  26. Kitchen re-dos are the best…they really are where we live, huh? Mine stays pretty neat but not because of me, it’s for my husband. The things we do for love ;).

    I thought the first time I read your post your kitchen was 900 sf, too–wowza! The thought of keeping THAT clean is enough to do me in!

    Fun Monday is turning into Fun Monday-Friday for me, lol…slowly working my way through the list.

  27. Love your kitchen!! Very cozy!

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