More About the House

I’ve gotten a few emails about my house.  At the end of one response, I said I should just copy & paste my answer into today’s blog post.  So I did.  Because I’m creative like that.

So here’s the story about Mama’s little house or as I like to call it The Palace.

My house is an old 1930’s beach bungalow.  It had 2 small bedrooms, one bath with a metal shower stall (what a pain to clean!), a tiny galley kitchen and a heat system from the dark ages (we had one big metal grate in the floor to heat the whole house) with the added benefit of little insulation.  The biggest problem was there was nowhere to go to get away from anyone!

After Ebaby was born the house got way too small.  Since the house was so small she wasn’t really learning to walk, she always had something to hold onto.  After looking around we found it would be cheaper to build onto our house rather than to buy a new one.  We didn’t really want to move anyway, we love our neighborhood and the schools. 

Two years ago Memorial Day we started construction, we moved in with my parents while the building happened, but that is a whole other story! 

We upgraded the heat and put in central air (thank God my brother does this for a living so it was a really good price!).

We insulated everything and put in updated windows.  By doing this, our heating bill hardly went up at all even though we added so much on. 

We made the kitchen huge (to us) because we come from long lines of kitchen dwellers, no matter what the occasion everyone winds up  in the kitchen.   Edited to add:  I actually designed the kitchen layout to fit the Hoosier cabinet and the Big Guy’s grandmother’s pie cabinet, which is still is storage at his Aunt’s house in Maryland.  The kitchen design guy thought I was an ass and kept trying to talk me into more cabinets.  But I really want the cabinets in my kitchen- I love them.

We left our living room the same, about 10×15. 

We added a laundry closet, with doors to hide the crap!

We also added a master bedroom with an entire wall of closets!! 

In the master bedroom we have a small room that is destined to be another bathroom, we just have to find the time to do it.  I also have to clean the crap out of it that has somehow migrated there, no I don’t have any idea how it got there, it just appeared, I swear.  We have a toilet sitting in the box at the foot of our bed.  Oh the romance!

It’s funny because I never really think about the house being small until someone comes over and says something about it.  It suits us.  Each of the girls has her own room, albeit small ones, my husband has a comfy chair to fall asleep in and I have my big kitchen.  Everyone is happy.  It is also not much to clean (even so, I still want a cleaning lady) and we aren’t working just to pay a mortgage on a gigantic house. 

And Ebaby learned how to walk at my parent’s house!



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10 responses to “More About the House

  1. You know, when I read that you “doubled it” to nine hundred square feet, I assumed that you meant your kitchen was up to nine hundred square feet, because so rarely do I hear people talk about owning houses smaller than ours. Sounds like we’re starting our own club!

    I do love your cabinets and countertops.

  2. 900 square foot total. unbelievable. And i feel cramped at 2,000 feet. I’m spoiled and I didn’t even know it.

    so where will I stay when I visit? tehehehehe

  3. Our house is TOO big. I would gladly downsize. Having more space makes it tempting to hoard more crap. I’ve done pretty good at not keeping crap, though. We have an entire finished basement of 900 sq feet with very little in it – baby items, holiday decorations, a few toys.

  4. that’s great that you were able to keep a house that you love!

  5. I think it sounds cozy. I sometimes wish we had less space so we would have less crap. IfyouknowwhatImean…

  6. My house is only 1100 and there are 4 of us. Some of the time I wish for a much larger home and a kitchen to die for, but the fact remains we pay less for mortgage than most people pay to rent an apartment and I always know where the kids are and what they are doing. If only the crappy annoying neighbors would move……..

  7. I have a small house. I wish for bigger, but the reality is I would probably just buy more crap and it would still be as disorganized as this one.

  8. Every mama’s home is her castle. I think we all wish for something other than what we’ve got, but when we get it sometimes life gets crazier than it already is. I complain about our little place now but when I think about it I’ve got my own little routine going on and I know exactly where everything is that, if things were to change, I’d surely be lost!

    With your hubby in his chair, the girls in their rooms, and you in your kitchen it sounds very, very lovely…

  9. Your house sounds absolutely homey and charming…

  10. That’s wonderful that you got to keep a house you love, with lots of memories, and everybody gets what they need.

    My husband builds cabinets for high-end homes, and sometimes the owners pay him to design & build cabinets that look like antique cabinets (like yours). So you are very trendy as well!

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