Fun Monday- On The Wall For A Change

Molly over at Return of the White Robin is this week’s hostess.

Her challenge:

For our challenge, I am asking that you show us something that hangs on your wall that is fun, interesting, endearing, sentimental, or otherwise enticing. Select the picture of Uncle Horace, Grandma Galt’s needlepoint, or little Susie’s first finger painting to show the blogging community.

Something that hangs on my wall?  That’s fun, interesting, etc?  Hmm…I’ve got it!


Go ahead, enlarge it.  Do you recognize anyone?  No?  Me either.  That frame has been hanging in my hallway for two years now showing the happy lives of frame model people.

Hey it’s on my List.

Go check out people less lazy than me.



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27 responses to “Fun Monday- On The Wall For A Change

  1. THAT is pretty funny!! I had this great picture frame and it sat on my coffee table for a little over a year. Everyone that saw it always said “Wow–what a gorgeous little girl!! Who is she?” Yeah, um….that would be Princess, my pretend daughter. Loved the frame, never found the “right” picture to put in it. Until Morgan came along 🙂

    You’re funny!!

  2. mjd

    He,he, nice choice Bethany. I confess at times that you might find the sample photo in my wallet but no pictures of family members.

  3. Bethany-You are too funny, thank you!

  4. Yeah… sometimes the models in the frame photos are much more interesting than family members themselves! ha

  5. OMG that’s hysterical! What a happy ‘looking’ family LOLOLOL

  6. at least it is on the wall…that’s something

  7. That’s too damn funny!

  8. Your Fun Mondays are always hilarious!!

  9. That’s funny. I have one for the “school years” that my sister gave me for my oldest. I think I finally threw it away last year – with all the models still intact.

  10. Bwwaaahahahaaa! I love it!

    I have the original “photos” that came in my wallet. Not because I’m lazy (although I often am) but because it annoys my husband so much. Is that bad?

  11. that is freakin’ hilarious!!!

  12. That made me smile lots 🙂

  13. Love it ! I have 3 section frame sitting on a bookshelf with the model’s pics still in it – Hadn’t really thought about till now …. It’s only been a year and a half – now I need to put it on my list!

  14. Freakin’ hysterical. You must be some kind of pyscho to have actually HUNG the thing on your wall, with the other photos in it!

    Silly, but LOVE IT!


    That is the best Fun Monday post EVAH!

  16. I just had the best laugh I have had all week.. er.. day.. okay all MONDAY lol.. and boy my dear I needed a good laugh…

  17. Hahaha…. That’s brilliant!!!!

  18. you bring up a good point. they gotta be somebody’s family….

    and they hang out EVERYWHERE.

    sigh… good job making us all chucklebelly.

  19. hehehe. This one gave me a good chuckle – now I’ve gotta go and dig through my photo box so I can replace my own wall of ‘photo models’ frames!!!!

  20. I have a couple of those that I just haven’t gotten to yet. They aren’t on the wall though but sitting by it in my bedroom.

  21. HA! I’ve always wanted to do that and when people ask me who are the people in the photos, I would make up stories! It would be even better if the people looked absolutely nothing like me.

    Great job on being lazy, probably my favorite Fun Monday post yet!

  22. Durn, Bethany, you’re brilliant. And funny. A fantastic combo any day of the week…:)

  23. You are freakin hysterical!!!!!! Really! You really are!

  24. You always crack me up! How do you always make Fun Monday so funny?

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