Fun Monday- On the Shelf

The fabulous Swampy is today’s hostess.  Her challenge:

Plato said, “I can learn more about a person from an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 

Someone else said, “I can learn a lot about a person by just looking at their bookshelves and garage.”

So, Fun Monday’s challenge for June 25 is to post pictures of your bookshelves or stacks of books. Hopefully, we will be able to read some of the titles. If you want, while you’re at it, post pictures of ANY shelves…shelves with toys, dishes, collections, Aunt Gertrude’s ashes in an urn, etc. Also, post pictures of your garage, carport, or places where you store ‘stuff.’  (No fair cleaning first, but if you must, maybe this will be the motivation to do so.)

I’m a library girl so there aren’t many books around here.  I used to have thousands before I got married but as everyone in the blogosphere knows, our house was extremely small when we got married.  There just wasn’t room to accomodate my addiction.  Now there is no room and no money!!  Thank God for the public library!

What do we have?  Movies.  Since we are uncreative people, my husband and I buy each other movies for any gift giving occassion that may occur. 

So here are the movies:


Go over to Swampy’s and check out other people’s shelves!



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21 responses to “Fun Monday- On the Shelf

  1. It must have been hard to give up the books, I have so many cluttering up my shoebox of a house!

  2. hello friends

    best blog … thnx man


  3. Our love for the cinema shows up in our living room too!!
    Happy Fun Monday

  4. I’m exactly the opposite – I buy books, but only ever rent DVD’s. It would actually never even occur to me to BUY a DVD. I can only watch a movie so many times… (granted, I’ll only ever read a book a few times too, but…?!)

  5. Young guns and annie.

    I’m coming to your house. Get the popcorn ready.

  6. I get so much more pleasure from a book than a DVD that I’d rather chuck the DVDs away. Still, I do NOT have a decent library nearby so that would influence my choice there – plus I only want to see a movie once, but read a book several times over, more if I like it! Your collection, however, looks good and I’d love to relax with a movie and that popcorn!

  7. Oooooooo, good movies!

  8. I’m a library girl, too!! I hate spending the money on a book to read once and not touch again for two or more years (or, ever again!).

    Jimmy’s a big movie buff, too. At one point, he had 264 DVD’s. Now? Little over 100. Weeded out the ones he didn’t like.

  9. I know books take up lots of room. You must have tidied those movies up before you took the picture….our movies are shoved in a drawer.

  10. You have some good movies there.

  11. you must have had a hard time giving up all the books. I know I would have.

  12. Just weeded our collection of DVDs/VHSs and still don’t have enough room for them. I prefer them to regular tv, though.

  13. Lotsa movies….May I borrow some?

    Enjoyed seeing your “Fun Monday” today.

    Happy Monday

  14. I’m glad you frequent your local public library (I work at one!). Our state is in such a mess that they are thinking of closing some of the public libraries… it’s such a shame!

    By the way… I have more movies than books at my house too!

    Happy Monday…

  15. You are way too organized! I heart the public library as well!!!

  16. I’m more of a movie guy myself.

  17. I read some books on line.
    My sis in law listens to them in her car on her way to work.

    Generally if you read the book, the movie sucks.

    I was expecting to see a shelf with empty book covers on it — like last weeks photo collage. ha ha ha ha.

  18. I rarely buy books or movies. I don’t get why some folks (like the one I married) like to reread/rewatch them. I mean…you know what’s going to happen!

  19. My kids were prit near raised in the public library. We would go weekly with a big wicker basket and fill it up with books which would sit in the living room. They usually got through it in time to return for a refill.

    The neat think about movies is that you can enjoy them together…sounds like a good thing to me.

  20. There is definitely something to be said for libraries. I keep telling my kids this everytime they want to buy yet another book. (we have over 580 after weeding out over 200! it’s like two steps forward when I get rid of some and three steps back everytime we pass a bookshop).

  21. I would do the library thing, but they seem to be under the impression that I owe them some money for some books that I never turned in! Whatever.

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