I’ll Take Potpourri For $400

To all my Fun Monday pals:  For some reason Swampy’s site hates me, well hates my home and work computers anyway.  Everytime I try to got to her blog the computer freezes.  If this is me being a jackass and you know how to fix it, let me know.  Otherwise I am going to be missing a bunch of you guys.  Sorry.  Let me just say:  Great shelves or Hey I have that or Wow you are neat or Damn what a mess.  Please insert the appropriate comment in your entry.

Look at this.  #63!  Sing with me “Movin on up…to the East side to a deluxe apartment in the sky”

I was going to actually post my list of books to read but then realized I have a Good Reads account.  Why duplicate the effort?  If you want to know what’s on my list be my friend at Good Reads.  The email I use over there is icecreammama at gmail dot com.  As of right now, there is only a partial list up.  I will be adding to it as time allows.

Thanks to my pal Happy Working Mom the unborn bundle I have brewing will be known as Scoop.  I hope I didn’t jinx things by giving it a name.

That’s it for now.  Another great ending. 


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16 responses to “I’ll Take Potpourri For $400

  1. The GoodReads account is SO convenient. I really need to update mine, though.

    What I really appreciate is when someone asks for a book recommendation, I’ll just out there and see what I’ve read recently. Eventually, my goal is to put all my All Time Favorites in there as well.

  2. Omigosh, “Scoop” is the cutest nickname I’ve heard ever! Keeping you in my prayers!!!

  3. happyworkingmom

    Of course, love the name 🙂

    I hope everything is going well!

  4. Her site kills my computer as well. Sucks.

    I love the new name, Scoop!!

  5. Scoop….LOVE it!! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  6. Glad you liked my shelves! I know, I should have cleaned a bit before taking the picture.

    (love the nickname.)

  7. Scoop is adorable and I don’t believe you jinxed anything!!!!
    When I was having trouble with all the blogs I took Kurts advice and went to firefox.com, now I can view all sites, videos etc, I love it. I was using aol and the screen would freeze all the time. Now I am a happy camper.
    A list of books huh? I used to read all the time, but now don’t really have the “down time” . Yeah I thought as I got older I would have all the time in the world, WRONG!!!!! Some day I will get back to my reading, but for now, I just enjoy life.
    Hope you are feeling well!!!

  8. Scoop. Sounds good to me! Hope all is well.

  9. I hadn’t heard of Good Reads before.
    I’m heading over to correct the messed up link for next Fun Monday right now. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  10. Scoop is such a cute name!

    I enjoyed looking over your GoodReads list. I checked out Bitter Is the New Black today.

  11. Awww! ‘Scoop’ is adorable — and no, I don’t believe you’ve jinxed it any. I love it!

    I’ve never heard of Good Reads but I’m headed there now to check out what the fuss is all about! Thanks for the tip!

  12. I don’t know why you can’t access The Asylum ! Can you get there if you navigate through someone else’s blog? My suggestion is to ask DubYaT (Willowtree) He seems to be the guru of all computer glitches. Not that he’s a computer glitch, he can just figure out the problem.
    Love your so neatly, organized shelves. Wish I had the time to watch movies OR read these days. Thanks for playing the game.

  13. Scoop – I love it. I’ve never heard of Good Reads but I will be checking it out!

  14. Congrats on being #63! Thats awesome!! Keep up the great posting!

  15. Scoop! Great! I love it!

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