Baby You Can Drive My Car (Well Not Really But You Can Be a Passenger)

My sister and one of my friends get tired of cars.  Every few years they have to get a new one.  I, on the other hand, will drive a car straight into the ground.  I will drive it until my husband says it’s time for a new one.  I just don’t understand getting bored with a car.  I don’t understand leasing.  I would like to eventually own the thing and be able to drive it without writing a check a month.

Back in 1992, I was 23 and had a good job.  It was time for a brand new car.  No more used pieces of crap, I want something new!!  I do the look around and test drive thing.  I drove a dozen different cars.  I fell in love with the Ford Taurus.  I mean love.  Four doors, lots of space (remember I am tall and need my personal space), a huge trunk, good gas mileage and a good rating by Consumer Reports.  My car advisor (aka Daddy) also thought this was a great car.

You know who thought it was the wrong car for me?  The dealer.  Huh?  They couldn’t understand why a young woman wanted a four door family sedan.  They tried to talk me into some low slung, sporty p.o.s.  After telling them I could  go some place where they would happy to sell me the car of my choice, they relented and started dealing.

So March 1992 at twenty three years old, I was the proud owner of a four door family sedan.

I drove that car until July 2005.  Thirteen years my love and I had together.  Until my husband said it was time for a new love.  But why?  It’s only 13 years old.  It only has 160,000 miles on it!  I could drive it for five more years. 

Uh, no.

My Big Guy went out and found me a new (used) car.  What did he find?  A Ford Taurus!

He got a great deal on a 2004, someone getting out of a lease, only 20,000 miles on it Ford Taurus.

I have a new love.  It was cool to see the new features.  A keychain that unlocks the doors!  Hey, it was new to me!

My Taurus and I plan on spending many years together.


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16 responses to “Baby You Can Drive My Car (Well Not Really But You Can Be a Passenger)

  1. I’m one of those that gets a new car every three years. The last “new” car was used…but, had stupid low miles, was in great condition and got me out of my Jeep that had my almost ex-husband on the loan.

    As much as I’d love to drive my cars until there’s nothing left by a steering wheel and 4 tires, I’d get entirely too use to NOT making that payment each month and would never want to do it again 🙂

    Enjoy your new love. What’s her name?

  2. I drive my cars to the ground too. And never ever do I buy new. Used only.

    Did you see they are coming out with a brand new redesigned Ford Taurus soon?

  3. I have still never bought a brand new car! My car (van) is a 99 and we paid cash for it. Although we financed Chris’s truck it is a 2005 and we got it in 2006 and it had been owned once. I’ll be driving the van for awhile. Well, at least until the truck it paid off, lol. I would like an SUV or something besides a freakin minivan!

  4. Yeah I too am a “get bored with cars” person. Basically its not so much that I get bored with them, I just want new and improved with better features and snazzy gadgets in it. I have only had 1 brand new car in my entire life…that was a toyota corolla…which I absolutely LOVED! I leased it (I was in college and couldn’t afford to buy it) then when the lease was done, I bought it. about 4 years ago I traded it in for a used CRV, which I still own today. I again absolutely LOVE it, but really I’m getting the itch for a new one. I have way over 100,000 miles on it, and slowly things are starting to go wrong..I only have 1 more year left to pay on it..but boy oh boy..I’m really itching for a brand spanking new CRV or a toyota highlander…I so love those!!!

    My current CRV, I swindled and dealt with the dealers on my own. I went looking by myself, and dealt with them by myself. It was quite easy..but it is so true they (car dealers) certainly do try to take advantage of women! They thought I was stupid and treated me so…trust me they quickly found out I wasnt messing around…( I can play a good game!)

  5. I drive my cars forever, too!! It’s my #1 financial motto – drive your car at least as long that you get a year or two of no car payments. My husband drives my 1995 Honda with over 150,000 miles on it when he is in Boston, so he doesn’t have to rent a car while out there (he drove it there from Virginia after he left his company). The cute thing is that he was the CEO of that company and didn’t give a rat’s ass that he was driving an old car. He’s the CEO of his new company and still doesn’t care!

    We got a new car in 2005 and it hurt to buy one when both of our cars were just fine (the Honda was still here in KC with us). However, we really needed a 4 door when we had a kid. I tried to go it with our 2 door 2001 Toyota, but it was a struggle getting the kid in and out.

    I HATE making car payments. For a depreciable asset? BAH.

  6. Cool – a new car!

    My husband is in sales so gets a new company car every 2 years (50,000 miles). There is NOTHING like new car smell……aaaaah. (and the plus side is we have the option of buying his used car at the end of the 2 years. We normally do – its for a good price.

    But – I could go years without having a new car.

  7. Congrats on your new love? Do you name your cars?

  8. The hubby and i bought a brand new Saturn Relay minivan. The thing is a piece of crap. We also own a used pontiac vibe. Outside of regular maintenance the car has never had any issues and has way more miles than the van. My lesson? Never buy used or a Saturn.

    (The Ford 500 is going to morph into the new Taurus.)

  9. Well I had a Ford once.. a Mustang hatchback and it left pieces of itself every where it went.. should have been a hint to my dad back in the summer of 1982 that the reason he got such a good deal on that POS was because someone elses dad was turning in 2 of them for a brand new camaro.. hmmm … my next vehicle was toyota carolla which I drove into the ground until the front tires literally fell of 10 years later .. I still managed to sell that car for 1,000 bucks.. .. then I got the love of my life a Toyota Paseo .. it was fire engine red.. 1992 .. and it came into my uncles store on a flat bed Trailor. Folks saw it in Nashville Tn. I was just about to get a silver one that has had a crane chain fall on the hood and had to have the hood replaced .. otherwise it was brand new.. yah… so I got into that sweet no air bag 2 door car with a casette player and a radio and nothing automatic except the transmission and with just 4 miles on it.. I thought it rocked the world.. until I crashed it into 2 cars .. OOPS>..(that was pretty bad… i was merging and traffic suddenly came to a dead stop .. only I was still going 50 miles an hour.. ouch… then had a Saturn.. hated it.. sold it and got a Toyota Carolla Matrix which I love…
    Thought u might want to know my car history lol..

  10. good for you! way to not waste money!

  11. I love my car so freaking much I’m going to drive it until the wheels fall off.

    If people stop HITTING ME that is.

  12. D

    I too am one of those – lets get a new car every 3-5 years or so. By doing this I get rid of my cars before they start to have any “issues” that need fixing. And as for leasing or buying – well with buying you just pay a bigger payment up front or over the length of the loan – with leasing you pay the bigger payment in the end if you want to own it – same thing and at least with leasing you can get a new one every so often – yeah for me! My lease is up in 2008 – I can’t wait cause yes…I am BORED!

  13. You’re loyal to your car! That’s cool.

  14. Well I have gone through alot of new cars, haha at my age, yeah trust me I have. Now I have a “mini van” imagine me with a mini van but you know I so love it, and it’s paid for and no more new cars for me. When we got the twins I had to trade in my pretty blue Pontiac Gran Am, the only car I ever truly loved, but mmm it so didn’t fit our family. So it was mini-van and it’s a good thing too, since we got mama after the kids.
    Now my hubby has his brand new Dodge Ram truck which I call his “dump truck” cause he only drives it to the dump. Haha he says he is saving it for his retirement, so doesn’t want to put the mileage on it. He drives an ol beater of a car, a Ford Geo back and forth to work but is okay with it. Funny how everyone has their preferences in vehicles huh?
    You go and so enjoy your Ford Taurus, they are good cars, so have fun, pick a great name and let us know!!

  15. We drive our cars until they can go no more as well. I just don’t understand the mentality to keep getting new ones.

    When searching for my first “new” car, I was also insulted by the salesman. I just looked at him in disbelief and stalked out of there. I don’t remember his exact words but now I think he was trying to be funny but came off as a jerk.

    Congrats on your new car, sounds like you’ll be together for a very long time! 🙂

  16. I’m pretty sure I got your Fun Monday link fixed this time–I clicked it and it brought me here. I don’t know what the deal is, I copied and pasted the link to fix it once before. Thanks for letting me know:o)

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