The Good and The It Just Freakin Figures

I saw the high risk doctor today.  Everything is FINE!!  No side effects whatsoever!  He said the radiation is out of your system completely ten weeks after the treatment!!  No worries there.  The Big Guy took it like a man; he cried!  He is so happy.  What a turn around from a couple of weeks ago.

What is the freakin figures part?  Well let me give it to you verbatim.  This is the conversation between the doc and the ultrasound tech.

“Is that a twin?”  Wha?!

“Or is it just a bleed?”

Me:  “I don’t like the sound of either one of those words.”

Big Guy, still flying high from the good news, “What words?”

Me:  “Twin and bleed.”

Doc:  “Have you had any bleeding during this pregnancy?”

Me:  “No, none.”

Doc:  “We’ll have you come back in five weeks and we’ll be able to tell for sure then.  We’ll also check the neck for Down’s then.”

Me:  “Uh okay.”  Complete look of panic at the Big Guy.

Big Guy:  “Don’t worry about it!  Everything will be fine!”

The doc could have said there were five babies in there and Big Guy would be thrilled now that we know there are no side effects.

So August 8 we’ll find out if it’s one Scoop or two.  Freakin figures, more waiting.



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18 responses to “The Good and The It Just Freakin Figures

  1. Chelle

    Sounds good so far! Hoping it’s not a bleed after all…

  2. AHH!!! SO happy the appointment went well. Hoping it’s not a bleed. A second Scoop? FIVE weeks before we find out. I can’t take the waiting. Uh, I mean….how do you stand the waiting 🙂

    I’m happy. So happy I think I’ll go to Target 🙂

  3. LOL One scoop or two LOL Well congrats and glad things look ok so far. What a rollercoaster!

  4. Oh my! Great news about the radiation and a possible twin! I am very excited to read about bloggy pregnancies while I am very not pregnant! Hmmm, that’s a whole lot exclamtion marks. Sorry.

  5. Keeping you in my thoughts that all is happy in Scoop Land. The waiting stuff is a bitch.

  6. what is that commerical??? 2 scoops.. aww geez I can not remember what that is… I think that would be awesome if you were expecting twins… 2 for the price of one… yay.. * what a good bargain find… lol.. seriously… congrats on 1 .. congrats on 2.. twice the blessings if you ask me. sounds similiar to what my boss went through.. unexpected pregnancy.. worry after her bout with cancer 7 years ago and being told she could never have children again.. ( she already had 3 as you know).. and then BOOM… twins.. they are 6 months old now.. and BEAUTIFUL!! Healthy and wonderful…
    So anything is possible as I always say…Glad BG is so supportive that is always a good thing…

  7. Wow, that would be a double scoop! I hope the next 5 weeks goes very quickly for you!

  8. Mazel Tov ICM! How exciting and the news about the radiation is wonderful.

  9. happyworkingmom

    Holy freaking cow! I can’t believe it! I can’t wait until August 8th!!!

    I’m so happy that there are no radiation effects!!!

  10. First of all – Congrats about no side effects. AWESOME.

    Secondly – I can’t wait until August 8th to hear the news. TWINS? You are going to need a bigger house, girl!

  11. Oh wow! Congratulations!

  12. sterlingirl

    I love it, wow, possibly two scoops!

  13. OH YEAH! CONGRATS!! I’m so happy everying is AOK and you are in the clear!! That is such good news!! waahoo twins?? You really think your carrying twins?? How exciting! I’ve always wanted twins! I will be anxiously awaiting to hear!

    Again I’m so happy for you and the BIG GUY!! CONGRATS!

  14. Congratulations on the good news, no problems. Now for the twins, YAHOO, they are tons of fun really. double the work, but just think double the joy, Come on August we so need to know!!!

  15. Congratulations on the healthy baby news!

    And OMG! I hope time flies for you as you wait on the scoop count!

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