Fun Monday- Where I Park My Ass

 Deb over at One Crazy Stitcher is today’s Fun Monday hostess.  Her challenge:

This is my request. Show your favorite place to relax. It can be a chair, corner, ledge, or limb. 🙂 Get out those cameras and take pics or just write how you feel when you are in your “zone”.


This is it.  My big, comfortable, red couch.  It reclines!  I love it.

And yes, that is my ass imprint.  It is MY seat after all!

Head over and check out other Fun Monday participants.



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23 responses to “Fun Monday- Where I Park My Ass

  1. I’d park my ass on that couch, too!! Looks rather comfy!!

  2. OMG! YOU have the sofa I want! My favorite color is red and I need a sofa that “reclines”. YOU must tell me more so I can “bug” the heck out of my DH.

    I would love to park my ass on sofa like yours. 🙂

  3. Love the red… love the puffiness!! No better place to park one’s ass!!

  4. OK, THIS is the couch I’ve been looking for. (Only I didn’t know I *needed* a reclining couch!) It’s red, not leather (is it?) and it’s squishy! Aahhhhhh

    Did it happen to come from a national chain? I’m not sure where you are… 😀

  5. I adore your red couch! Looks perfect for a nap.

  6. mjd

    What a wonderful red couch complete with your laptop… My husband uses our laptop in his recliner, but I never manage the laptop mouse very well.

  7. That definitely looks like a comfy couch. I’d love a reclining couch.

  8. Looks very cosy and I so love the colour.

  9. The “ass” imprint is awesome! It gives your cute red couch a “come hither”-look.


    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Fun Monday

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! When we went couch hunting, we ended up picking neutral tones – but in my heart I wanted some spicy thing.

  11. Oh, I’d park my ass on that couch too! It looks very very comfy! And, it’s red!!! I love that!

  12. your butt print is hilariASS.

    We had bright orange couch (velour) back in the 70’s.
    .. Karmyn got them from our storage when she graduated from college — and put them in her apartment.

  13. I think I could easily get used to a reclining couch- I love pamela’s quick wit!!

  14. Pamela is just too quick and witty. ASSusual, she makes me laugh. Love the red couch, with the ASSprint, and the cornpooter.

  15. my couch and love seat are red, too!!!

  16. Love the idea of a sofa with reclining bits. And a great colour!

  17. I’m totally adding “reclining couch” to my list of new furniture to buy for our new home! It looks lovely!

  18. Wow, love the color red. So fibrant! I’m jealous of that laptop sitting there. Can you tell I want a laptop :o) The couch looks comfy, thanks for sharing!

  19. Holy shit! That’s my dream, a couch that reclines! If it could cook I’d marry it.

  20. OH yeah! I love love LOVE my reclining couch! So much love it is falling apart and we will need a new one soon! Yours looks much more cushy than mine!

  21. LOVE IT!!!! Particularly the reclining feature… what I wouldn’t give!

  22. Okay, I just tried to submit a comment but something weird happened. Let me try again (but when I’m ticked from a blog mishap, I just get MAD and make less sense than usual 😡 ).

    LOVE your red sofa! It’s my favorite chairsofacliner of all the FM relaxation spots. We have tons of color in our home, but our furniture is traditional…neutral…boring.

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