Random Whining With A Side of TMI

I am six different kinds of miserable.  Now I am not usually a complainer- it takes too much energy.  Plus I hate to complain about something so wonderful, I don’t want to be an ingrate.  But then I was figured, bah, if I can’t complain on my own blog then I might as well not blog anymore, right?  So let’s complain!

  • I have a really rockin summer cold!  It’s great, I love mucus!!
  • The hormones- they are killing me.
  • I cry.
  • For no reason.
  • Mucus and cry snot.
  • I’m pretty.
  • My pee stinks.
  • Worse than asparagus pee.
  • The constipation is in competition with the hormones to cause my death.
  • I’m talking five days.
  • I am so tired.
  • I am in bed between nine and ten every night and still can’t drag my ass out of bed at six.
  • I am a bad blog friend.
  • I am reading your blogs.
  • But not really commenting.
  • Part of that is Blogger hated me for a few days.
  • Kelly M tagged me for the pocketbook meme ages ago.
  • I haven’t done it.
  • Hannah tagged me for a different meme a while ago.
  • I haven’t done it.
  • A couple of you (Kellie and Frannie) think I’m a Rockin Girl Blogger (with a Rockin’ Summer Cold!).
  • I think you guys rock way harder than I do. 
  • At least you do the memes you’re tagged for.
  • New goal…complete memes.
  • The other part is I have no energy.
  • The girl I work with had her baby on Sunday!
  • All healthy.
  • I haven’t seen new baby girl yet because of my rockin’ summer cold!
  • Bad side of this- extra work for me, woohoo!!
  • Well, I will be paying her back in February so I guess it’s ok.
  • I slept funny a few days ago and my back still aches.

I could go on but I’m at work and should be, you know, working.  Hopefully this whine time will pass soon.  I hate feeling like this. 



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10 responses to “Random Whining With A Side of TMI

  1. I’m not even pregnant and the hormones kill me. Hope the summer cold goes away fast!

  2. Oh crapbag, that sucks that you’re so sick and hurting and tired. I’m sorry 😦 Wish I could make it better!!

  3. summer colds stink. pregnancy hormones stink. being constipated…well, that stinks too.

    whining is always allowed in blog land. ALWAYS.

    I would say “this too shall pass” but that would be a little funny for that constipation part.

  4. You had me at “summer cold.” That is simply the worst, and makes everything else seem more horrible than it really is.

  5. Sorry you feeling so (as Kellie would say) craptacular. I bet after that 1st trimester you will, hopefully, have more energy.

  6. Okay Bethany, is it wrong that this post made me grin…out loud? I’m sorry for your all your summer misery (hormones and snot, a miserable combo), but it provided a few laughs for your bluddies.

    I’m a bad meme-er, too :/…and I’ve been trying to read blogs and catch up on Fun Mondays and now it’s Thursday and I need to run errands, but I’m trying to read blogs…and you know the drill :).

    Hope you feel better…your stuff always makes me wonder why I’ve taken so long to get back…

    yeah…that whole “catch up” thing…:/

  7. Awww shux no fun at all…but guess what… pretty soon… your cold will be gone… and pretty soon you are going to have 1 or 2 little scoops toddling around.. and horriblemoans.. (hormones) well they pretty much suck.. .. I would add more fiber either via cereal or by adding that invisible mix in your drinks fiber stuff.. that might help with the constipation.. as for the cold I always loved those vicks inhaler things.. cleared things up momentarily atleast… as for the tears… well.. its really okay to cry for no reason… and pretty soon.. those tears will turn into tears of joy.. I hope you feel better very soon.. thinking about you…

  8. One word for you – Colace. It will be your best friend and so worth the money. Bye bye constipation if you take it regularly. I couldn’t have gotten thru my pregnancies without it. Damn iron in the prenatals!

  9. Oh I feel for you and wish I had the words of wisdom to help. Hey whine away on here, that has to help somewhat. I know everyone that reads your blog feels your pain and if we could all take some of it or all of it, you know we would

  10. Killer nausea AND constipation? See about ditching the iron supplements for a few weeks. Really.

    Honey, *I* go to bed between 9 and 10 (I’m SOUND ASLEEP most nights by 10), and get up at 6 – and I’m not growing no baby. Don’t feel badly about the sleep you need. You NEED it; do your damndest to get it, and never mind feeling pathetic. We’re just too weird in this culture about sleep. Sleep and be proud, mama!

    Stinky pee… Okay, we all know about asparagus pee. Does anyone else get coffee pee? I don’t drink a lot of coffee (I have a kinda-sorta almost-ulcer), but when I do, my pee always smells like cigarette butts.

    Weird, or what?

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