Fit Friday- Unfit For Human Company

Hi my name is Bethany and I am a big, whiny baby who shouldn’t be around people for the next four weeks.

Today’s weight:  262

Down 1.5 from last week

Net gain of .5 pound

The morning all day sickness finally got to be too much.  I called the doctor.  I planned to beg, cry, plead, whatever it took to get some relief!

They are on vacation until July 23.

You want to be me, don’t you?

So I need your help.  Again.

What are some of the morning sickness cures that worked for you?  Or that you’ve heard of?  Or the number of a good shaman?



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15 responses to “Fit Friday- Unfit For Human Company

  1. On very good authority I can recommend those bracelets for motion sickness which apply pressure to your wrist. Worked wonders for me, I stopped vomiting and was able to eat.

  2. okay since I have never been pregnant but been around way to many pregnant women… I can tell you what they have done that has helped them… Cool Gingerale with out ice. Saltine ( the real ones) crackers. Sleep propped up.. ( a friend of mine had bad acid reflux during her pregnancy ( thats what she did) Never let yourself get hungry always keep your belly full. and another one.. was that bracelet mentioned above.. thats all I know.. tell the scoopette or scooper or scoop+1 hello from me…

  3. Ginger ale was a godsend for me.

  4. Linda

    Motherhood also sells pops you can suck on that help with the nausea.

  5. Ginger snap cookies. Eat two before you even move out of bed. Seriously, do not move until you have something in your tummy.

    REAL gingerale from the natural food store.

    sour lollypops.

    I feel your pain. my doctor gave me the same anti-nausea meds they give cancer patients and it did nothing. NOTHING. I was almost hospitalized.

  6. Saltine crackers (no store brand!) were a life saver for me–I’d leave a handful beside my bed and eat them as soon as my peepers popped open. No moving, no getting up….snake the hand out beneath the blankets and chow down!! Cherry and orange life savers helped, too. Eating within a 1/2 hour from getting up and eating every 2 hours helped the all day sickness. I, too, used the motion sickness bands and they helped, but didn’t totally eliminate the problem.

    I SO feel your pain. I’d rather puke and be done with it than have the dry heaves (as I did a lot of the time) or just have that sick feeling.

    Hope you have a decent weekend 🙂

  7. sterlingirl

    Okay, I’ve been a bit of a lurker, but I had to come out with this post. I have an almost six month old so the sickness is still very fresh to me. I was sick the entire time! Ginger ale helped, crackers helped, but if I was gonna spew, nothing was stopping me. The wristbands helped my sister, not me. They made my arm hurt (and I have tiny wrists). I ate lots of Pop Ice popsicles. You know, the kind that is liquid and you put them in the freezer to freeze when you get home. I relied on my prescriptions to make my life somewhat better, though those didn’t always help. Phenergan let me sleep at night, and Zofran helped during the day (about half the time it worked). So, sorry if I made it sound so bad and sorry this comment is so long. Geez, I’m not nuts. I promise!

    Congrats though. Can’t wait to find out if it’s two scoops or one!

  8. Been way too many years since I have been pregnant!! My baby is 34!!
    I have heard saltine crackers help the most, but that was way back when. I know I did live on tums and that’s about all I can remember
    You should try all of the above, and see what works best for you. I know it’s not the solution you wanted cause I am so sure you want it to stop NOW. Best of luck and I so hope you get over this soon.

  9. like everyone else said- Ginger.

    I was always sick with baby drama— the whole time. I was ever so slightly less sick, if I kept my tummy full.

  10. Are you taking iron supplements? I had awful, AWFUL morning sickness with my first, and only mild with the next two. Why? It turned out that iron supplements can make morning sickness way worse, and (in the words of my OB), you don’t need supplements for the first trimester, when sickness is most at issue.

    I didn’t take supplements till month four with the second two pregnancies, and it made a huge difference.

    I’ve also heard those bracelets work wonders, though I didn’t know about them when I was suffering. I tried saltines – I threw up saltines…

    What worked for me? Acidic things: sips of unsweetened grapefruit juice, sucking lemons. But really, that’s so weird (I know!), that I’m leery of suggesting anyone else try it. What would be worse than throwing up something acidic like that? Ugh. All I know is that they actually quelled my nausea quite a bit.

  11. Taking prenatal (sp?) vitamins at night instead of the morning helped me a bit.
    Mostly I just got sick, eating what sounded good at the time, thinking it might stay down.
    Sadly, it ended up being mostly garbage for (both) first trimesters of both pregnancies, sorry!

  12. protein helped me. I’d have a spoonful of peanut butter occasionally. Also, a snickers helped if I needed something to quell my stomach instantly and I had no peanut butter around. That won’t help the weight though.

  13. I am so sorry you are so sick!! I really wish I had some advice for you, but I never actually got sick with either of my pregnancies. I was just nauseous and usually eating helped me.

    I really hope it gets better soon!

  14. I have not read all the comments, but peppermint aromatherapy oil totally saved me when I got my morning sickness during my last trimester. ??? I put it on the insides of my wrists and it really helped. I am so sorry to hear that the allday sickness is getting you with a vengeance. Hang in there!!!!!

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