Fun Monday- My Car

Tiggerlane is this week’s Fun Monday Host.  Her challenge:

I wanna see your CAR! It can be your current car, the first car you ever had, maybe your first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, or even the dream car you would drive – given all the money in the world! Oh – and if you have a truck, SUV, lawnmower, whatever the local authorities allow you to drive, let’s see it!

Since I just posted about my car a couple of weeks ago, I though I would do something different.

Here is my grandfather and the sweet ride he had in the Civilian Conservation Corp back around 1934.


Here is my grandmother back in the 50’s on her ride:


Go check out the other Fun Monday participants.  There are so many this week I think I’ll still be reading them on Thursday!



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25 responses to “Fun Monday- My Car

  1. Your granny looks so cool on her motorbike.

  2. Your grandma was a BABE. Phew.

    (My gran only ever rode pillion on one of those things – but they went all over the country. (England, as it happens.))

  3. Your Grandmother kicks some ASS on that bike!!

    Where’s YOUR car…you just told us about it….SHOW IT!!

  4. Both of those photos are just awesome. I agree with everyone else – your grandmother was one feisty chick!

  5. Awesome pics and I also agree you grandmother is looking great on that bike and is very very pretty.
    My ride is a mini van, yeah something I didn’t think I would ever own, but hey growing family, need more room!!! Have to climb too dang high to get in the truck, can’t smoke in Ashley’s car and the tin can of a beater hubby drives back and forth to work, well, no thanks I will pass riding in that!!!!
    Of course my dream ride would be a brand spanking new Bounder motor home, fully loaded, but hahahah I am a dreamer too!!!

  6. That is so cool your grandma rode a motorcycle! Mine did to she was pretty cool

  7. Awww I want a cool Grandma! Mine always fell asleep in her chair….or kitchen table.

  8. Wow, what a cool chick your grandmother was!

  9. I totally love your grandma!

  10. mjd

    I love your picture. The picture of your grandmother may be one of my most favorite pictures ever.

  11. Your grandma is totally awesome! Great pictures.

  12. Sweet photos! I can’t imagine my granny on a motorcycle – the thought makes me laugh!

    Have a good week.

  13. Love it! Your Gran is a bad ass!

  14. Awesome pics!!!! I love the pic of you grandmother!! She kicks ass!

  15. I love that picture of your grandmother! (Just the thought of either of mine on a motorcycle–ever–makes me laugh. I don’t think either of them even knew how to pump gas.)

  16. love your grandma’s ride!

  17. What a cool take on the assignment – and your grandmother is looking fast and furious – no wonder your grandfather grabbed her up!

    Thanks for participating!

  18. Holy Shit!!!!! She’s riding an Arial! Do you think she’d marry me?

  19. aww.. those are great. I have some old shots like that and it never occurred to me post them. You should have called. ha ha ha ha.

  20. I’m echoing everyone else…that’s a pretty cool grandmother. And your granddad was quite handsome.

  21. You KNEW you’d get this response on your GM (okay, maybe not Willowtree’s, lol)…she was waaaaaaaaaaay before her time!! I’m totally inpressed! You need to write a post about her…that would be so cool.

    Your poor GF is getting a bit neglected…had his picture stood alone, he would’ve gotten a lot more attention (ha!).

  22. WOW.. your grandma rocks.. love the ride…
    poor grandpa in that truck.. he needs a bike too!!!

  23. daddy d

    Your grandparents are way too cool. They were a joy for sure.

  24. I loved seeing these photos your grandmother was very cool on that bike.

  25. Those are some awesome old pictures. How lucky that you have them. That is one cool Grandmother.

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