My Friends Come to My Rescue

I emailed some of my favorite people and asked them if they would save my ass help me out.  As I’m sure you know by now, and if you don’t- you will, I feel like crap.  A couple blogs I read have been having guest posters for one reason or another.  I thought, “Here’s a solution!”

So for a few days there will be some guests hanging out at Mama’s Palace!

Tonight’s rescuer is Amy W.  from the fabulous Family Story.

Ice Cream Mama is feeling a little under the weather
and asked for some help. And I am all about helping
some people.

The only thing is she asked me to guest post, and
crap, I am just not funny or witty or anything like
she is.

But maybe my kids are funny, or at least my husband
might be.

Nope, nothing really funny there either, although
Ashley, my almost four year old, has been saying some
weird stuff lately.

Like telling me boys wear skirts called kilts because
they kill people.

She did, totally did say that. I asked her where in
the heck she heard that, and she said she didn’t know.
I am thinking (okay, hoping) she made the word
connection with “kilt” and “kill”. They are big into
rhyming words at her school. Who knows, but I think I
also may blame Disney.

Yes, my beloved Disney. Those damn Princess books
where someone is always trying to kill someone else.
Like in Snow White, where Malificent wants the
huntsman to hunt down Aurora and kill her.

Of course, when I read her the books, I skip over that
sentence. What I should have done was drawn a line
through it as my Mother has read her the book and has
not skipped over that line. And now if I try to skip
that line?  Ashley totally calls me out on it.

And this is the same kid who while at a free concert
in downtown Raleigh on Saturday afternoon asked me in
a really loud voice why that woman’s hair was so big
(while pointing to the lady with the afro). There’s no
stopping her.



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9 responses to “My Friends Come to My Rescue

  1. you are too funny Amy!

    So are your girls. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

  2. Haha–they kill people!! She’s KILLING me 🙂

  3. Leave to a kid to say exactly what she thinks.
    Are you feeling better?

  4. kids! can’t live with them– can’t tape their mouths shut.

  5. Kilts – kill people!!! Bwaaaaahahaha! Good choice for a guest poster, Mama!! I heart Amy!

  6. Now that was funny.. kids are so honest.. and so funny out of their innocence… great guest post…

  7. Haha out of the mouth of babes, right? Kids can twist words and come up with some funny things. You should start a lil book and write down all the things she does say, then when she is 18 hand it to her.
    Hope your are feeling better today!!

  8. I remember Dillon making an incredibly embarressing remark on the London tube…I still can’t bring myself to repeat it.

  9. This is very amusing- I must now go and find out what my grandson said on the tube!!

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