Fit Friday With A Guest

Just a quick update and then onto today’s guest host.

Today’s weight:  255.00

Net loss:  6.5 pounds

That’s not so bad considering I weighed myself on Tuesday and was 250.  I am now medicated and am able to keep food down.  Thank God!!  The sedative side effect and dry mouth are interesting.  I will take that over the nausea any day!  I’ll be back to my regular pissing and moaning next week.  Special thanks to everyone who helped me out this week.  To everyone who said they could guest another time, how about February when I pop this baby out?

Today I leave you with my pal Kellie. 

Our favorite Mama is a little busy right now.  Between work, kids, a husband and a house, she’s sorta running in 32 different directions.  But, on top of all that, she’s busy deep freezing the newest addition to their family.  A pint sized version all of us lovingly refer to as “Scoop”.   Scoop is draining every last bit of Mama’s energy like a….well, like a leaky cone on a hot summer day.  Mama’s asked several of us to be guest posters.  I volunteered.  Mainly because I think Mama ROCKS and I’m all about helping my friends.  I’m hoping I can be entertaining and funny like she is, but really?  I’m not getting my hopes up.  I advise you to not get your’s up, either.

I’m not really sure what to post about.  I have a tough enough time drumming up posts for my own blog.  Tonight?  I’m feelin’ the pressure.  Please know that my craptastic writing is all my own doing and NOT a reflection of the usual charming, witty, clutch your stomach writing that belongs on this here blog.  So….now that I’ve wasted a crapload of time….let’s move on, shall we?

Um…huh….I love shoes?  No.  Not good enough.  I *fluffy pink heart with glitter* Target?  Nope.  Still sucky.  Damn.  Oooohh, I know:   Now that several hours have passed and I know the situation is being resolved, I can talk about it without hyperventilating and I can now laugh about it: 

I received an e-mail from the company I use for credit monitoring.  I pay them $12 per month and they let me know when someone has pulled my credit report and when changes have been posted to my account.   It’s sort of a waste of money, but I had some freaky crap on my credit report about 7 years ago and since then?  I take no chances.  I did enough damage to my credit all on my own and worked like a madwoman to repair it for FIVE years.  I certainly don’t need some twit in South Dakota screwing up all my hard work.  ANYWAY…I get an e-mail that changes have been posted to my report.  I wanna know WHAT.  Haven’t bought anything credit report worthy in the last 6 months;  haven’t paid anything off (DAMMIT!!) and haven’t been late on anything that was late enough to be noted on my credit report.  So, I click the link in the e-mail, put in my user name/password and tra-la… credit report.  It shows at the top a summary of stuff.  It shows one new loan was added on July 16th.  An original loan date of May 22nd  Huh?  I didn’t buy anything that TransUnion, Experian or what’stheirnames care about.  So, I click for more info and see:

        05/22/2007     Bank of Commerce  San Diego, CA

        Account #  XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6970

        Original Amount:  $47,579

        Status:   Paying as Agreed

WHAT?!!  I’m mad.  I’m upset.  I’m mad and near tears.  I call the person at the credit monitoring company I’ve been “assigned”.  She tells me to chill, basically, that she’ll look into it.  She asks me some questions, I answer.  I laugh when I tell her that a) I’ve never BEEN to California and b)  Forty-seven THOUSAND dollars??!  We’re thinking it’s  a car loan.  Or a kick ass vacation.  Or some renovation work to a house.  I have to e-mail her a statement saying this is NOT mine and blah blah blah and that I want it removed like YESTERDAY from my credit report.  We hang up and I wait.  I get an e-mail from her a few hours later that confirms what I, basically, already knew.  It wasn’t me.  It WAS a car loan (for a 2007 Cadillac SRX).  The lending bank and my credit monitoring chick confirmed it was NOT my Social Security Number.  Someone at the bank or wherever transposed three numbers when entering the information.  I have to send a letter to the bank requesting them to fix the mistake and to the credit bureaus to have this removed from my credit report.

For a short, short time….I was (according to TransUnion, Experian and what’stheirnames) the owner of a 2007 Caddy SRX.  I’ve always wanted a Caddy.  An STS or an Escalade. 

I wonder what color my short-lived SRX was?  I hope it had a moonroof.  And white gloved hands that popped out of the headrest and seat to massage my neck and butt while driving.  For that kind of money?  It better come with a butler that lives in the trunk.  I shall name him Jeeves.



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5 responses to “Fit Friday With A Guest

  1. sterlingirl

    I heart Kellie!

    Hope you start feeling better.

    And to little “Scoop”, Don’t be so hard on your Mama!

  2. SO glad you’re feeling better!!

  3. Glad the nausea is gone, yeah dry mouth much better to take!!!
    Love the idea of a guest host, that’s the way to do it!!

  4. Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better! Kellie, I bet that $12 a month looks pretty freakin good now!

    I have the same thing, you just never know when something might happen with your credit report.

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