Fun Monday- In the Fridge

This week’s Fun Monday host is Amy W.  She wants to see the inside of my fridge.  She also said not to clean, so I didn’t!


Nothing too interesting.  So check out the other participants.



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20 responses to “Fun Monday- In the Fridge

  1. I’d love a nice big fridge…so much room to fill with delicious goodies!

  2. Nice. I like.

    Happy Fun Monday!

  3. I miss my side by side 😦 Old place had it. New place? Not. Yet another reason I despise it here!!

  4. I see something interesting!! Tell me I’m nosey but I can’t quite make out what’s in the jars on the third shelf down!!

  5. Looks pretty neat to me!

  6. chrisb, it looks like canned pickles to me.

    Nice! short and sweet!

  7. mjd

    Oh no, I could not find any ice cream in Ice Cream Mama’s freezer. That is okay, you probably gave out cones to the first six visitors.

  8. Your fridge puts mine to shame, it’s so darn neat and clean!! Dang I open my freezer side and either get ICE that got stuck in the dispenser or have to do a dance to avoid falling frozen objects.
    The refrigerator side is just crap,nothing good to eat, so mmm I will trade ya!!

  9. I love that your Fun Monday posts are always quick and to the point!

  10. I was expecting a big jar of pickles and lots of ice cream :).

  11. I have seen several of these wide-open, side-by-side models…and for some reason, I feel like they are “flashing” me!

  12. Did nobody see the Klondike bars?! There are TWO packages. Yummy!!

  13. Nice and to the point!

    Have a good week.

  14. Hey – where is all the ice cream? All I see is Klondike bars –

  15. You mean if I had got here earlier I would have got an ice cream?

  16. I didn’t see the Klondike bars but I AM curious what’s in that bright red & white package on the fridge door??

  17. hey – that is way tooooo clean.

    yes.. whats in the red & white?

  18. Are those homemade pickles? I think we need a few close up shots!!

  19. Yup. You’ve got a clean fridge. Mine? You can pretty much NEVER see the back of. Particuarly the freezer. Every time I open it, it’s a guarantee that some frozen bagel or bag of peas will fall out and smash a little toe.

  20. Ok- to answer a few questions:

    The jars on the third shelf (and the fourth even though you can’t see them) are pickles. Homemade pickles. The garden went crazy producing cucumbers this year.

    What would I do for a Klondike bar?
    Not a damn thing, I hate them. They are my husband’s. I am trying to be good and not use this pregnancy as an excuse to have a mad affair with Ben & Jerry.

    The red and white packages on the top door shelf? Pork roll. I feel bad for those of you who do not know what this is.

    My fridge is usually a disaster area but since I haven’t felt very well lately we have been using everything up.

    Also, I hate the side by side. I really want a larger width freezer for nice size ice cream cakes!

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