I Am Appreciated

Get this.

I have just been informed that Monday (Labor Day) will no longer be a paid holiday. 

Did you get that?  The holiday that was created to show appreciation to the American worker for his/her contribution to society and the economy is no longer a paid holiday at my job.

I can take the day off but I will not get paid.

This is bullshit.



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11 responses to “I Am Appreciated

  1. YAY there she is.. I missed you.. and am glad u are back… this comment is going to be for this post and your last post.. FIRST .. take a deep breath… hold it.. and slowly let it out .. there.. boy you about exhausted me with all thats going on..

    so first things first..
    AVOID MOM.. the last thing u need on this planet is lack of support.. Avoiding mom is not a bad thing.. when her attitude changes.. then do not avoid her.. for now.. give yourself some peace
    Since you researched Ebabys new school she should be fine.. relax…
    16 year old acting like an ass… hmmm they all do.. always… and it wont change until they are about 18.. been there done it with my sweeties daughter.. she is now 20 .. and just a real peach.. fun to be with.. sweet as can be… I even like her friends now.. re JOB.. ouch.. that sucks. no pay for labor day? how retarded is that… u have my sympathies on that one..
    Healthy baby!!! YAY.. you got some good news there… so relax… enjoy your pregnancy.. and happy tomorrow birthday… it is your 38th year.. congrats on that… and by your next birthday you will be sharing cake with a new addition.. and it does not get much sweeter than that… Name your little scoop what ever you want.. in fact.. why not just call her scoop.. its a universal name.. male or female.. and it sure would be unique… 🙂

    Anyhow.. glad to read you.. I have missed u.. by the way in response to your comment on my blog… hmm Cake Slut… I like it…

  2. How wrong is that?! Can they even do that? It’s a federal Holiday, for the love of cake!!

    What kind of crap IS that?!

  3. Seriously? That really IS bullshit. And I dunno… but it seems kinda not-so-kosher…

  4. dailytannenbaum

    That’s wrong and downright un-American. You are living in America, right?

  5. I’m with your first commenter – I’m not so sure that is legal.

  6. It’s a Federal freakin holiday!! How can you not get paid??????

  7. Are you kidding me with this?!?!!

  8. Seriously??!!! How the hell can that be? You have to get holiday pay for a Fed Holiday I thought, but hell who am I anyway. Just a lil peon in the big business world I guess

  9. I do believe that is illegal. It is a “FEDERAL” holiday. So I don’t think they have much of a choice, but to pay you.

  10. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more info. Could you suggest some resources ?

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