What was so special about 1969?


First men on the moon?

My birth?

Yes all three!  The most important being my birth of course.  Thirty eight years ago today (after 48 hours of hard labor, as my mother often reminds me) I was born.

A question…how old is the official middle age?  Am I middle aged?  Can you be knocked up and middle aged?  Why not there have been a few AARP members giving birth the last few years.

The big question? 

Even after two weeks of reminders, will my husband remember?  He hasn’t in ten years.  Wonder if this year will be different.



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27 responses to “1969

  1. Chelle

    Happy birthday!!

  2. D


  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have awonderful day.

    Seriously? 10 years? Just for that, go by yourself a fantastic gift and say it’s from him. Like a day at the spa. Or an ice cream truck. 🙂

    Enjoy your day, Mama….you deserve it!!!

  4. Happy birthday!!!

    Eat a piece of cake for me. I love birthday cake.

  5. dailytannenbaum

    Happy birthday! I guess unless you know exactly the day you plan to die, you’ll never really be certain of the middle of your age. That’s kind of spooky. Sorry about that. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, AND that the big guy remembers!!

  7. hope u have a sweet day today !! happy birthday !!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I like the answer above about middle age.

  9. Oh yeah! Happy Birthday! I think Middle Age is 40 (if you die at 80). Hmmmm….

    I think after 10 years, I’d “forget” his birthday, and his Christmas and his Valentine’s….

  10. I don’t think 38 is middle aged. There is no way that you can be only 10 years older than me and be middle aged. It’s just not happening!

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Here’s to many more!

  12. Happy Birthday –

    Do you feel Middle Aged? I hope not – cuz, I’m hitting that number NEXT year… and although the body is definitely starting to show age – the mind is NOT.

    (remember Harry Met Sally – and she says, “I’m going to be 40” and he says, “When?” and she says, “Some day”…..well, that day is getting closer. YIKES.

  13. Happy Birthday!!

    My first husband (your present husband might make a note of that inauspicious beginning) never remembered my birthday, either.

    So one year, I threw myself a surprise party. It was a suprise because I didn’t tell him about it. (Really. As I invited all 40-ish guests, I told them, “It’s a surprise. Dwayne doesn’t know about it.” And not one of them told him. )

    Okay, so I did say, “I might have a few people over on Friday. You going to be around?”

    We all had a great time.

    He remembered the next year. 🙂


    (and I love love LOVE Mary P’s idea!!)

  15. Happy Birthday.

    Your hubby sounds like mine only my children are old enough to remember now and they always make me nice cards and presents.

  16. Happy birthday (a day late, but still!) Hope you had a good day.

  17. happy birthday!!!

    hope he remembered!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and geeze do I feel old now!! I got married in 1969!! See you are just a baby!!!!!
    Hope your hubby remembers!!!

  19. Ten years, seriously? He’s a very lucky guy, I don’t think many would put up with that!
    Happy Birthday! Give yourself a pedicure, that’s what every pregnant woman needs.

  20. Belated hugs and happy birthday to you!!! I hope you had a rockin’ bday weekend — did Hubby remember?

  21. I hope you had a great birthday!!!….did he remember????


  22. I hope he remembered. If not, I say take Mary P’s suggestion and throw the surprise party. 🙂

  23. ONCE again I’m a million days late…please forgive me…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

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