Fun Monday- The Good Deed and a Poll

Nikki is today’s Fun Monday hostess.  Her challenge is:

We’ve seen your shelves, peeked inside your cabinets, looked at what your house looks like in both the summer and winter, viewed at some of our handmade pieces and even talked about our best friends. Now it’s time we do something. Have you ever had someone out of the goodness of their heart do something for you without anything asked in return? Offered you money when you needed it the most? Helped you change a flat tire in the pouring rain or even just simply held the door open for you when you had your hands full?  For Monday, September 10th, we are challenged with doing a good deed. I am not looking for a story of when you have offered your help in the past, I actually want you in the next two weeks to go out and help someone. Go visit a nursing home, cook dinner for someone sick or with a new baby, donate to a charity or even send just a “thinking of you card” to someone who needs it. It doesn’t matter what your good deed is, or how great it is. It just needs to help someone! 

My good deed?  I didn’t slap the crap aout of the 16 people who so richly deserved it these past two weeks!

Ok so that’s not really a good deed, but damn did it take some self control!

On Saturday I went grocery shopping and was shadowed by a wee old lady.  I got things from the high shelves for her.  That one counts right?


Now for the poll.

Next Tuesday (the 18th) I go for an ultrasound.  This is the one where they may be able to tell the baby’s sex.  My question:  should we find out what we are having? 

I am torn between the element of surprise and the ability to plan.  What do you think? 

Edited to add:  I did NOT find out what Ebaby was prior to her birth.  I wanted the surprise then!



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19 responses to “Fun Monday- The Good Deed and a Poll

  1. I have had it both ways. I didn’t know for the first one and I did know for the last two. I liked knowing, but that is just me.

  2. happyworkingmom

    I obviously can’t tell you what you should do…I’ll just tell you about me 🙂

    I always wanted to know the sex of my first one, and then after that I didn’t care. Hubby was very set on the first one being a surprise, and then after that he said we could find out. Since it was so important to him, our first was a surprise. I loved that feeling…hubby going out to the waiting room (oh wait, our family wasn’t in the waiting room, they were huddled outside our door. Anyway…) telling everyone it was a girl. I loved it so much that I decided all babies would be surprises. Our daughter, at the age of two, went out to the waiting room (I made them stay there this time!) and told everyone that she had a little brother.

    I’m totally type A, but for some reason, this surprise was the best thing in the world for me!

    But I do understand why so many people find out…it’s so much more convenient!

  3. Congrats on not slapping anyone! I know that was super hard for you!

    I already told you how I feel. I would rather be surprised since I did find out with my other two. But, ultimately, the result is the same! You just have to wait a little longer to find out if it’s Scoop or Scoopette!

  4. okay I know I have never had a baby… .. so maybe its not fair that answer this.. .but i am going to anyway.. hmmm why not have a little fun… and let the sex of this little one be a surprise.. I mean.. its either going to have a woo woo.. or not.. so.. why not wait 🙂 … ? I think this baby is such a sweet blessing that sometimes its nice to prolong the surprise… this way you can pick out names for a woo woo person.. and a non woo woo person..thats kinda of fun I would think.. okay enough of this woo woo talk.. in any respect.. I am so excited and can not wait for either one of them to get here so you can take lots of pictures.. and share.. yay…

  5. Oh man, this is why I’m not having kids. These decisions are TOO BIG.

  6. I was all for it being a surprise and then my husband beat me into submission. Once we found out I was really glad. I came to agree with his assertation that it’s a wonderful surprise whether you find out at 20 weeks or at 40 weeks.

    Of course all that being said, we had 17 ultrasounds and not ONCE did he give us a clue. (Apparently, he was being shy). Only the amnio let us know what our little guy was going to be.

  7. I found out with Morgan. I wanted the surprise factor, but I like planning. A lot.

    Conrgats on not slapping anyone. Although….you ARE pregnant. It’s allowed 🙂

  8. Helping that old lady was a very sweet good deed.
    As for you other question, I’d go for the element of surprise but then when I had my children we didn’t have ultrasounds on the other hand it does help with the planning. You’ve got a big decision to make!

  9. My first was a surprise, which I loved (it almost drove my mother insane, since it was her first grandchild). But we found out with the next one, since my daughter was so convinced she was having a baby sister. Good thing we found out and she had time to get used to the idea of a boy!

    One thing you could do, if you’re still undecided–don’t have them tell you the sex, but have them write it down and put it in an envelope for you to look at later if you decide you want to know.

  10. Helping that old lady was a great good deed as is your constraint in not slapping a bunch of people who richly deserved it.

    I found out with Aaron only because I’m anal retentive like that. Hehe, I said anal.

  11. i know my mom doesnt want to know, and she found out with the last one born to my sister in law (ex, technically) because she looked so disappointed and they really wanted a girl. but Dalton is pretty awesome, so whatever. anyway, why not let it be a surprise? it would be exciting to know, but then you’d have the name guaranteed and the nursery color guaranteed and everyone would know pretty much everything like 5 months in advance. maybe not the exact weight, height and time of birth, but come on, let it be a surprise!

  12. I say go for the surprise! 🙂

  13. I too say surprise and also back in my day we didn’t have the option of knowing.
    To me it’s like the element of surprise is awesome. I mean if you find out then it’s like oh ” scoop” was born and weighed blah blah but it’s like okay “he’s born” Surprise the reaction is total elation and happiness. Does that make sense??
    Glad you are writing I missed reading you daily and so glad you didn’t slap anyone!
    Nice touch helping a lil ol lady!!! hey that could have been me hahaha.

  14. go with the surprise.

    …. my late aunt thought that you could mark babies by doing things during your pregnancy. So a good deed is a step in the right direction.

    He/she might be born now with a birthmark in the shape of a can of creamed corn

  15. I’m a planner. I needed to know so I could know what to buy/put on my registry. So it’s also a good case to know to save money.

  16. To know or to be surprised is always so hard to decide. Years ago, he’ll be 18 this month they told me my baby was a girl, we bought all girl things and well, as I said, HE’LL be 18 this month.

    My daughter asked to know and they told her boy and I have a lovely 6 month old grandson.

    It’s nice to know and nice to be surprised.

  17. I’ve done it both ways and enjoyed both. I appreciated knowing, but also liked the surprise.

    Mt guess is boy

  18. Self-restraint ALWAYS qualifies for a good deed – and my suggestion? Keep it a surprise!

  19. I liked knowing. i am too impatient. And it’s a surprise at that moment anyway. You get a second surprise at the delivery when you see just what that baby looks like.

    That said, if I were to have another, I would try waiting. I know it wouldn’t work, because i would want to be shopping for boy clothes. In the hopes of a boy of course.

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