L’Shanah Tovah

Why is a Christian girl so happy for a one of the holiest times in the Jewish calendar?

The majority of my clients are Hasidic or Orthodox Jews.  The next two days will be quiet at work and I can play catch up!

L’shanah Tovah!  Happy New Year!



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12 responses to “L’Shanah Tovah

  1. Quietness? What is that?

  2. I knew there was a reason I love u.. not only are you adorable.. but you got the spellings down .. LOL.. Shana Tova to u too. I will be at my aunts house in about 2 and a half hours.. faced with food.. I really should not eat.. but boy is it good.. lol..

  3. I wish I could have a quiet day.

    Do you think they have a national Rednecks day? A lot of people at my work could participate and then it could be quiet for me.

  4. My boss is gone for two days, catching up here too!

  5. I’m bad, have to admit never heard of that holiday.
    But hey if it brings peace and quiet then I am all over it!!
    Enjoy your quiet day

  6. hope you had a little rest

  7. Enjoy your “catch up” time! Hope you get a lot done!

  8. A holiday for them, and a nice present for you! This constitutes a win-win, I’d say. Enjoy!

  9. I love Chickie’s comment, so funny. Enjoy your quiet time.

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