For lack of a better title.

I may as well warn you now, this post will most likely suck.

A few people have emailed me asking, essentially, “What the hell?”

Let’s break out the bullets for this P.O.S.

  • I am overwhelmed with my life right now.
  • The hormones may be killing me.
  • I have a sinus infection.
  • And an ear infection.
  • I am whiny.  Be glad you don’t live with me.
  • Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression?
  • My job is still extremely busy.
  • They hired me an assistant.
  • She starts next Monday.
  • A good thing?
  • Maybe.
  • The last two people who got assistants trained them and then got laid off because they made too much money.  Now the assistants do the job.
  • I figure it’s just a matter of time.
  • I’ve been here twelve years so I actually make a decent wage.
  • I am stressed over this big time.
  • The Big Guy’s schedule changed and the adjustment, for me, has not been easy.
  • I am seriously doubting my ability to parent three girls who will be at three very different stages of life.
  • I hate that I will have to go back to work almost right away when Scoop is born.
  • But college won’t pay for itself.
  • Not that we’ll actually be able to contribute much, but you know what I mean.
  • When the Big Guy’s schedule changed mine had to change a bit.
  • Not really a big deal but it made it just off enough that I have very little time to interact with real life friends.
  • I really want to blog more.  (WordPress spellcheck does not recognize the word “blog”)
  • Or any at all.
  • But at night, I am exhausted and during the day I am swamped.
  • So what did I do?
  • Signed up for NaBloPoMo.
  • I am insane.
  • Thanks for the emails of concern.
  • Hopefully I ‘ll get at least one more post up this week.
  • The end.


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12 responses to “Hi

  1. Sounds like life is overwhelming for you.

    WordPress doesn’t spell check anything for me…it never works.

    Take it easy – when is your due date?

  2. here is the important thing u will be a great mom to 3 girls at 3 different stages…
    you will feel better soon… Scoop will make an appereance in the not to distance future..
    Everyone is healthy and busy in your life including you…
    just make sure you get rest… and take care of yourself.. blog as you have time..
    thinking of you too..

  3. Sorry you’re not you right now. Wish I could help. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress over things. Not good for you or Scoop.

    Big hugs, girly…. 🙂

  4. I’d tell you to “hang in there” – but so will everyone else – so instead I’ll say, “hormones suck. Pregnancy is no fun.”

    I’m sorry life is hectic now. Here’s hoping things will return to normal soon!

  5. It’s going to take some time. Things will hopefully calm and you’ll start to feel less down.
    Don’t worry, you’ll be a fabulous mom to three girls at three different stages. Hopefully the oldest one will prep you for the younger ones.
    Don’t worry about blogging for us, just do what you need for yourself.
    Talk to your doc about the feeling down. I know I was concerned about it during my pregnancy and we discussed going on medication.
    Seriously, if you need any advice about being depressed or concerns about it. I’ve been there.

  6. Nothing meaningful to say. Just virtual hugs for you!

  7. You poor thing.

    I am overwhelmed just reading this.

    You’ll be fine, though. I have confidence in your abilities to successfully succeed.

  8. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait for your NaBloPoMo entries!

  9. I think you know I understand how you feel about being tired and busy! And, really, you will be great at being a mommy to 3 girls!!

    Funny coming from me, I’m sure, but try to take it easy and get plenty of rest.

  10. Oh wow, so much going on in your life!! Just take it easy and remember you and “scoopette” come first right now. Slow down some if you can, blog when you get time, but do know everyone is thinking of you and hoping things settle down soon

  11. I had severe pre-partem depression. this is the first time I ever admitted it. I never even told my husband. I thought something was wrong with me. but as soon as the baby came out, I cheered up. thank the sweet lord.

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