I Must Be Crazy

Look two posts in one week!

I’m trying to gear up for NaBloPoMo.  You know, where you have to post everyday for the entire month of November.  Good luck, right? 

There is just something about this challenge that I can’t let go. 

The NaBlo site this year is pretty cool.  I got to set up a page and join groups.  I can even have friends!  Be my friend, please.  Seriously, be my friend.  You can search for me as Bethany or Ice Cream Mama.

The biggest thing I learned from last year’s NaBloPoMo is you must have a plan.  Well, I must anyway.  So I need to come up with the big NaBlo game plan.  Mondays are covered with Fun Monday.  Now I only need to come up with a plan for the other 6/7ths of the month. 

I was thinking one day a week for book reviews (since I’ve been keeping up with my Good Reads account like I’ve been keeping up with this blog.)

One day a week for Christmas cookie recipes.  No it won’t be too early.

One day for gestation news. 

And then, who knows?

Any ideas?



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16 responses to “I Must Be Crazy

  1. One day for venting. One day for a “wish list” of things you want to buy/receive or places you want to go. One day of pictures….the fam, the house, interesting things you see driving around.

    Stupid ideas. I know. I’m leaving now 🙂

  2. I’m your friend! SMOOCH!

    I have no plan. I’m just going to spew crap like I usually do. 🙂

  3. one day for Thanksgiving thoughts, one day for the hottest Christmas gift and where to purchase,
    a day for musical challenges eg; give the line to a song, have them guess. Sounds dumb,but it’s fun anyway!!!
    or just “wing it” each day and see what your brain can come up with.
    Good luck to you on the entire month, you brave soul!!

  4. You can always upload a couple of pictures – that always saves me from having to really think.

  5. I think I accidentally declined your friendship offer! Did not mean to do that! Will ask you to be my friend right now.

  6. Hmmmmmm, Thursday Thirteen is always a good one and Wordless Wednesday.

  7. I signed up– that’s a good idea to have a plan. otherwise, I could get pretty boring.

  8. I can’t even come up with post for my own blog, lol, much less someone else’s!!

  9. that looks pretty cool to do.. how have you been Bethany.. hope u are feeling well.. I will check your blog out daily .. I have missed seeing new posts.. hope you enjoy the nablopomo…

  10. ohh darn it i left off my idea.. okay uhmmm
    one day for recipes of all sorts
    one day for christmas ideas (gifts etc..)
    hmm one day for ideas for Honi’s wedding.. (sorry i am being selfish)
    one day for random quotes
    one day for pictures hmm okay thats it

  11. Ideas? I have none. If I did, perhaps I’d be brave enought to take up the challenge… but alas, I’m not. If I post twice in a week that’s a HUGE deal! Good luck! (I do read, everyday… )

  12. I think I posted every day last November but I bet if I signed up for it I’d fail miserably.

    Good luck.

  13. I need a plan to do this…oh shit!

  14. Hey! I found you through the groups… (we’re both in Mommy bloggers and Jersey bloggers.) I feel the same way you do. At least you’ve got the beginnings of a plan. I hadn’t even thought of a plan. Better get to work on that!!! Good luck!

    Oh… do you think Wordless Wednesday counts as a real post? A photo, no words?

  15. Hi Just stumbled across you. I am debating signing up at the moment. I don’t know if I could do it, but I too love the challange!

  16. Okay. I have no advice for what to post,but I figured I’d join you in the fray. So, I’m stealing at least your book review idea. 🙂
    Good luck!

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