Fun Monday- How I Met Your Father

Janet is this week’s hostess.  Her challenge:

 Describe your meeting with your spouse/significant other. I especially want to hear “meet cute” stories. And it doesn’t have to be your actual current sig/other. Perhaps the “meet cute” story is a former boy/girlfriend… or even a best friend. Illustrate with photos, of course.

No big cute story here- we met in church.  He shook my hand and said something like, “Boy your hands are cold.”

He’s been warming them ever since.



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34 responses to “Fun Monday- How I Met Your Father

  1. Wait…shit…is it Monday?

    No, it’s Sunday.
    Okay then!

    Nice story!

  2. So many marriages start with a handshake. Glad he is still warming your hands!

  3. Short, sweet and to the point! Enjoyed it!

    And what’s with the Chick showing off that she knows her days of the week? Geeze.

  4. Sounds short, sweet and to the point. Mine will be just as short. 🙂

  5. okay I always get confused with these things.. do i post this here or on my blog.. okay anyhow… for me and Steve… short and sweet.. Steve’s dog Bazzie introduced us at Steve’s office… Baz was a puppy .. *my office was below Steve’s* one day after work I was getting ready to leave and this black lab that I had seen before ( Steve would bring him to his office.. and I would see Steve with him a lot) came bounding up to me layed down , rolled over fell off the sidewalk and waited (with a wagging tail) for a belly rub… as I was rubbing his belly Steve came up and that is how we met.. 7 years ago this past February..

  6. robinellablog

    Short and to the point. Still sweet.

  7. mjd

    You know what they say? “Cold hands, warm heart.”

    Maybe your hands are cold from all the ice cream.

  8. short and sweet and i loved it!

  9. Ah, that is so sweet…and short!

  10. I bet he warms more than your hands now…

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhh, sweet and to the point! I LIKE IT.

  12. and the warming goes on and on

  13. I met mine at church, too. And, wow! That was a short one. Mine is more of an epistle.

  14. Warming other parts too I take it?

  15. My mom introduced hubby and I . Haha I say she did that to get me married off and get rid of me. Now look 38 yrs later, she is here with us and we are one big happy family!!!
    PS I so didn’t like hubby when she introduced us but she kept hooking us up and yep “mama knows best” he is my soul mate!!!

  16. now that “warms” our hearts.
    but – hey! where is the picture????

  17. That is a sweet story. I keep trying to get my daughter to go to church to meet a nice man…not the way I did it but the way I’d like her to! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Sweet and to the point as usual….

    Reminds me of the scene b/n Han Solo and Princess Leia.

    “My hands are dirty”

  19. That is actually a really sweet story!

  20. You have a gift with one liners.

  21. FINALLY — someone who met their significant other in somewhere other than a bar! And I’m sure it was the ice cream that made them cold.

  22. Now THAT’S a story you can tell your children and grandchildren and they won’t totally ick out, lol.

    Cold hands, warm heart….works for me :).

  23. I’m dying laughing here. After just hitting 20 ‘longer’ posts, this is actually really refreshing. Caught me off guard LOL but refreshing!

  24. Ahh short and sweet, how lovely, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘cold hands warm heart’ and I see others have beaten me to it.

  25. Man! I wish they were all this short! Thankyothankyouthanyou!!

  26. Now there is a pickup line I’ve never heard. Obviously it worked…and you have warm hands to prove it.

  27. We met through a mutual friend who swears she wasn’t trying to set us up… we went to a U2 concert, were holding hands by the time the show started, kissed at the encore, he said he’d call me the next day, and he DID. We moved in together 2 months later, got engaged in less than a year, got married about a year from then, and now it’s 8 years later.

    I knew I would marry him the moment I saw him, and before that I never believed in that stuff.

  28. Good story!

    We met in college (in the library of all places)!

  29. 🙂
    We met in church too.

  30. that’s really cute.

  31. Angela

    The 1st day of school, my day to explore
    any new prospects walking these floors.
    I walk in the office ~n~ what did I see
    but the sexiest guy walking toward me.
    He passed me by, not even a glance
    face it girl you don’t stand a chance.
    But there was something about him I didn’t know then…one day soon I’d be dating him.
    A girl in my class said she knew this guy and told me his past, my secret was out, she then told a friend, who in return went and told him.
    He then sat down right by my side and when he did I could have died!
    He asked me out ~n~ 8 months later we were married 🙂 Now 20 years later we’re getting divorced 😦

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