Gestational TMI

It is hard to feel, ahem…shall we say, amorous when being kicked from the inside.



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13 responses to “Gestational TMI

  1. How true is that. 🙂 And I’m a little strange but towards the end of the pregnancies I felt weird being “amorous” at all because I feared the baby would know what we were doing. Hey, I know I’m nuts.

  2. I agree with Lisa, and then your meant to get amorous if you want to kick start labour…give me a curry and cod liver oil!

  3. I hear you – I think it is hard being “amorous” at any point during pregnancy.

  4. Not only are you being kicked from the inside, but it takes using both hands to roll yourself and you pregnant belly in the bed.

  5. Ice cream is better than sex anyway….

  6. Ah no, that was the best time. I’d be pregnant forever to just have great sex.

  7. Ahem….I’m with Emma on this one. Never had better sex.

  8. I never felt sexy when pregnant. Towards the end my husband and I just quit–it was too much effort.

  9. hmmm can’t say i know too much about this having never been pregnant.. so i will have to take your word on that one 🙂

  10. I always hear about women saying they had the best sex of their lives whilst pregnant. Not me. Never ever. For me it was always just a race to get it over & done with.

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