Ebaby Says…

“(Little boy in her class) said if it was sunny and a Tuesday and we are older and still in love he wants to marry me.”

Sunny Tuesdays people, sunny Tuesdays.



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6 responses to “Ebaby Says…

  1. I might just hurl from the sweetness of that.

  2. That is too sweet! The innocence of kids is awesome.

  3. When it’s right, it’s right.

  4. now that was adorable.. when i was a teacher .. preschool kids.. 2 4 year olds ( boy and girl) where in the sand box.. I was leaning against the brick wall by the sandbox and overhead the following conversation ( these kids are now in their 20s..)

    G: My mommy and Daddy are trying to make anothe baby
    B: nods smiles
    G: My mommy keeps saying she has to wait because her “temture” has to be just right so the new baby will stay where the baby stays when the “temture” is just right….
    B: OK ! he sounded a bit clueless and yelled OK at her LOL…
    I just stood there a bit surprised and laughing to myself…

  5. tell her to get a pre-nup!!!… that’s a lot of conditions for a marriage.

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