Sunday Prayer Time

Some of my prayers for today:

I pray for my pregnancy.

I pray for the other 80 bloggers who are pregnant right now.  Yes, you!

I pray that Ebaby will learn how to put her listening ears on.

I pray that Sis will continue to do good in school and that the teenage attitude would take a vacation.

I pray the Big Guy will survive four women, the poor man.

I pray that your day is wonderful. 



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9 responses to “Sunday Prayer Time

  1. I know your prayers will come true. Your day has to be wonderful cause hey you got up to your family, what more could you ask for.
    Your hubby will feel out numbered with all the females, but hey you know he will love every second of it.
    Love the sunny Tues, marry, hahaha so cute.
    Hope your are feeling good and lil scoopette isn’t turning into a football player in there!!!
    Have a good one.

  2. You are so sweet. I wish you were praying for me.

  3. Awww I wish for your pregnancy as well. Excellent prayers. That’s so sweet and a smidge funny on the teenage attitude.

  4. I pray for you and yours!

  5. I pray for you and the peeps in your house (and in your belly). Poor Big Guy–four chicks. That’s an estrogen expressway if I’ve ever seen one 🙂

  6. Thank You….I’ve been reciprocating.

    Now – could you pray that my children get their listening ears too? (I don’t know – hell might actually freeze over or pigs might fly… might be too much to ask for)

  7. Lovely prayers. I pray you and the other pregnant bloggers have healthy babies. 🙂

  8. prayers for all those pg lucky folks… be healthy!

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