Fun Monday- Holiday Traditions

The Humble Housewife is this week’s hostess.

 Her challenge is: 

I want to hear about or see a holiday tradition, recipe or event. It can be any holiday you like or that is special to your family. With Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays coming up, those would be especially apt, but anything that is special for your family is fine. If you have pictures – it’s a bonus! Whether it’s your Mom’s famous stuffing recipe, going caroling on Christmas Eve, Diwali dances, or even the inevitability of Great Aunt Polly having one too many brandies and knocking over the Christmas tree – I want to hear about it!!!

 I am swamped at work  so I’ll make this a quick one.

I am the Christmas Cookie Queen.  Hey cookies and ice cream go nicely together.  I host a cookie exchange the first Saturday of December.   I had planned to post a bunch of my cookie recipes as part of NaBloPoMo.

My mother’s sausage stuffing is the best.  I can’t wait to eat a metric ton of the stuff this year.  What?  I’m eating for two.

I put up our Christmas tree the weekend before Christmas and it comes down the weekend after.  My living room is way too small to have that thing up for too long.

Go check out other people’s holiday traditions.


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20 responses to “Fun Monday- Holiday Traditions

  1. Oooo, never thought about posting cookie recipes this holiday, thanks for the idea!

  2. Sausage stuffing sounds good.

  3. Love those short & sweet Fun Mondays…one day I might even write one :/.

    lol, you just reminded me I’m supposed to go to a Christmas Cookie Exchange the first of December…but I can’t remember the time! Hopefully, my friend will REMIND me!

    Looking forward to your favorite recipes :).

  4. Sausage stuffing? Sounds awesome. Tremendous amount of cookie links at

  5. Sausage stuffing sounds WONDERFUL!! And I am a cookie-fiend, too.

  6. It erased my comment! Bad wordpress.

    I think sausage stuffing sounds truly decadent & yummy!

  7. Oooh, can’t wait to see those cookie recipes! We have an annual cookie decorating party for the moms and kids on our block. We usually get around 25 kids and several moms. It’s a fun time and very messy!

  8. My grandmother used to insist on making everyone holiday cookies, even though we’re Jewish. The best thing about Xmas cookies is that there’s always a little of this and a little of that, just like a box of chocolates.

  9. I can’t wait to eat this holiday – especially all the “homey” foods – I’ve been craving Mashed Potatoes.

  10. Christmas cookies are so fun and so varied. I hope you get to posting the recipies.

  11. mm cookies, yeah making me hungry.
    My tradition is making colored popcorn and homemade chocolate covered cherries. Dang now I am hungry!!

  12. Sausage stuffing sounds pretty good to me.

  13. can’t wait to see some of those cookie recipes!

  14. I love stuffing so much that I don’t even ask if it’s vegetarian or not. A little chicken stock won’t kill me, but the holidays without stuffing will.

  15. Ann

    Looking forward to seeing your cookie recipes. The last few years, I’ve enthusiastically made sugar cookies or ginger bread men. It’s only when I get to the frosting/decorating stage that I remember how much work it all is and why I only do it once a year.

  16. I’m going to email you something I just got that has a ton of cookie recipe links on it. Awesome!

  17. Sausage stuffing sounds yummy.
    This year I think I’m going to attempt cookies. I am so NOT the cook. My hubby usually takes them away from me after the first bad batch and makes them himself. Oh well, at least one of knows what to do with the big white fire box.

  18. min

    Nothing says tradition like cookies!

  19. I can’t wait for all your cookie recipes…

  20. I think I must be very un-homemaker like because I have never even heard of a cookie exchange before.

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