On The Way To Day Care

From the backseat:

“I wish I was made of chocolate so I could eat my own leg.”

And people wonder why I call her Mini-Me.



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18 responses to “On The Way To Day Care

  1. Very smart kid you have 🙂

  2. That is so freaking hysterical! I sometimes wish that myself.

  3. Walking would be a problem.

  4. haha! If only regeneration was possible.

  5. hahaha that’s cute. So is your love for chocolate rubbing off on someone???

  6. Smart kid!! And going for the leg, the biggest part.

    Well, unless you’re me and then the biggest part might be the ass.

  7. Holy crap! I wish that all the time.

    That’s so funny. I needed that laugh today.

  8. If my leg was made of chocolate, I wouldn’t have a broken ankle right now, because I would have eaten it off years ago.

  9. She’s a comedian. I wish my thighs were chocolate, so I could nibble away at them and make them smaller. Same goes for my stomach.

  10. Chelle

    hah, that’s awesome!!

  11. Did you tell her to be thankful she isn’t made of chocolate, because if she was you would have eaten her years ago? 🙂

  12. That? Is freakin’ awesome. 🙂

  13. My daughter was at work with me until she started walking. Not in HOME either. At my WORK. i would lay a playmat down for her to roll around on. I got her a bit jeep as she got older to cruise around the office in. And also a jumperoo and swing. It figured out fine. I’d say if your at a desk… it would be NO problem having himthere with you. you can surprisingly do alot while feeding… on a computer. And then during naptimes… save your more challenging stuff for then.
    It can compute. but as she started walking it was harder to monitor what all she was getting into… therefore, she now goes to daycare.

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