Birthday Party Madness

Ebaby has her first classmate birthday party today.  At Build A Bear Workshop. 

I detest parties at Build A Bear.  This will be her third one.  I am not looking forward to it. 

Why do I detest B-A-B so much? 

The parties take way too long for the average four year old.  She gets bored and I have to follow her through the store telling her to get back to the party.  This one, like the others, is scheduled for her crabby time.  I know that isn’t the other mother’s problem but they are in the same class where naptime is from 1 to 3 so why schedule a party for a time when you know all these kids are sleepy?

She’s really looking forward to it.



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9 responses to “Birthday Party Madness

  1. I’m all about kids’ parties when said kids are happy from a long nap. Which is why I will be an inconvenience to my family for Morgan’s party and have it at 4:30. So what if they’re driving two hours to be here?

    Happy bear building! Or something.

  2. I am so not looking forward to the birthday party competition. Whatever happened to cake and pin the tail on the donkey? Wait, I think Min over at MamaDrama posted about this recently. Anyway. .. best of luck!!!

  3. Build a Bear huh? All I have to say about that is you are one brave mama!!!! I know all kids love that place and what’s the other crazy place you have kids parties??? Oh yeah Chuck y Cheese, yikes insanity I am way too old for that.
    Have fun and I bet all will turn out PERFECT!!!

  4. We’ve only been to one party at B.A.B. and it was long and boring.

  5. I’m amazed that people can afford these B-A-B parties. I never thought about the tiredness factor. Good luck!

  6. I’ve never been to a BAB party – but saw one when we went there for the very first time and thought it looked insane.

  7. Ya, I never understand why people have parties when they know that their children will be cranky. You’d think that having kids around the same age, they would schedule it to make it easier for everyone.
    Good luck!

  8. We went to a BAB party yesterday – the party leader was too chipper for his own good.

  9. Wanna know something worse than that. I scheduled Kaylie’s birthday party right in the middle of her , then 20-month old, sister’s naptime. And she my daughter. You’d think I would know better. Clearly not.

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