Fun Monday- Mother May I?

Hootin Annie has a great Fun Monday challenge. 

Since I am an idiot- I didn’t do it.  No good excuse.  Just idiocy.

Go check out people who actually did the assignment.



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10 responses to “Fun Monday- Mother May I?

  1. Hey I’m still hoping to do it this evening. It’ll be a fun late Monday. If I can figure out how to download the pictures. For some reason this seems to take me like four days.

  2. hey when you get around to it, I am sure you will get it done.

  3. Sorry you didn’t make it, I have popped over a couple of times.

  4. Hey – I’m an idiot for doing NaBloPoMo – but Fun Monday gives me ideas, you know? I’m so afraid I’ll run out, I’m saving Halloween photos back, just in case!

  5. Well at least you let people know, which is more than a lot of people do.

  6. You can’t fault someone for being honest! I forgot about it until this morning, when I went outside in my gown to take pics.

    Now who is the idiot?

  7. i squeaked in yesterday afternoon before it got too dark to shoot. funny, usually i’ve prewritten this thing and it’s sitting waiting to go. what was it about this assignment that made us all procrastinate? it turned out well, but….

  8. 🙂 Hey, we’ve all been there. We still luv ya!

  9. Oh, I can sooo… relate. It seems on a weekly basis, I say that about myself. Just so you know, if it is any consolation, idiocy loves company.

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