Why Thank You!

Someone found my blog today using the search “Best boobs in the U.S.”

Beats the “girl peeing ice cream” search.  Though I have to admit- I would like her for a friend.



Filed under NaBloPoMo 2007, Random

5 responses to “Why Thank You!

  1. That girl peeing ice cream should get to a dr stat! Congrats on the best boobs!

  2. I am contstantly– every day– found under
    bre@st. feeding p0rn

    the ones that bother me are the ones that stick around for a few minutes– yuck!

  3. Too funny! I love reading the google searches people do to find my blog, but I have never got anythign as good as that.

  4. I never get anything good like this, either!! But, if this chick peeing ice cream is married to a guy that poops money? We need to find them. NOW!!


  5. I’m jealous – people only find me through “I like to smell dirty underwear” searches

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