T Minus Eleven Weeks and Counting

I think I finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday.  I just need to double check the list.

Not feeling so great today.  When can I start maternity leave?



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5 responses to “T Minus Eleven Weeks and Counting

  1. WHAT???!!! Finished your shopping??? wow you go girl, that’s what I call being on the ball. Here I felt good having the out of towns gifts done.
    Sorry your aren’t feeling so great today, hopefully by mid day, end of day you will be better.
    Yeah maternity leave will be good for you, start it early if you continue to feel bad, how’s that??!! Have your doctor write something up so you can start early!!!
    Get better.

  2. Lucky you! I’m about 2/3 done myself (Shopping wise!)

  3. Good job on the shopping!

  4. Haven’t even made a LIST yet, let alone started the shopping!! My nephew’s birthday is 8 days before Christmas and my daughter’s is 12 days after Christmas. Fun!

    11 weeks?! Holy crap it’s going by fast. Well, for me anyway 🙂

  5. I am about half done my shopping, okay maybe only a quarter. Congrats to you on being done so early!

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