Random Blah

  • Not much to say today.
  • Still feel kind of crappy.
  • Nothing major, just crappy.
  • Not really looking forward to Thanksgiving at my Mom’s.
  • She has too much to say about some things.
  • Seriously, when can I go out on maternity leave?
  • With Ebaby I got put on bed rest at 28 weeks.
  • At the time I was bored.
  • Now?
  • I’m so ready.
  • Work is just killing me.
  • Of course I can’t blog about it.
  • The whole need a job thing.
  • Can I come to your blog and complain about it?
  • Is NaBloPoMo over yet?


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8 responses to “Random Blah

  1. Heck ya, come on over and write a book in my comments. It would be far more interesting than my posts!

  2. ryanc1

    I Likes Ice Cream.

  3. come guest post on my blog it’s passcoded, no one at your work will ever see it!

  4. You can bitch on my blog all you want, baby!

  5. Come bitch on mine, too!!

    As crappy as it is for you, I’m happy you’re posting everyday πŸ™‚

    Maternity leave should begin the day after Thanksgiving. I said so.


  6. Maybe, on the bright side, Thanksgiving at your mom’s will give you some NaBloPoMo fodder?

  7. You can come to my blog and bitch about it. Keeps me from having to come up with another NaBloPoMo post! If I hadn’t already made it this far, I would quit! I have to come up with 4 separate posts today!!!

  8. sure you can come over to my blog and complain anytime you want.. πŸ™‚ have a very happy Turkey day.. just think this time next year.. you will have a brand new guest celebrating with u too….

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