Sunday Prayer Time

The last Sunday of NaBloPoMo!

Today I am praying for:

My family

My pregnancy

The other pregnant people out there

The people who want to be pregnant

That my job situation would be resolved

That I would not stab my husband in the eye with a fork while he sleeps

Or any other sharp objects for that matter

For all my blogging pals out there

For all the people who actually read the crap I post

That this Christmas season I would remember what is important




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5 responses to “Sunday Prayer Time

  1. After a long three months where life has kept my husband and I apart, and a too-quick four day holiday with him home, I put him on a plane back to his job this morning. It was amazing having him home and I love him to death but I loved your fork-prayer. 🙂 It resonated with me!
    And I love your prayers items!
    And I LOVE that we are nearing the end of NaBloPoMo!

  2. I am giving thanks that NoBloPoMo is almost OvEr

  3. So impressed by everyone who has taken on NaNaNaNaBooBoo. You and your family are in my thoughts often!

  4. Good Lord, I could have written this post. Except the part about being pregnant.

    Love you!

  5. I could of written this to except for the pregnancy part, cannot wait for Nobo to be over and NOT post for a day

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