A Question For You

Since we are nearing the end of NaBlo (hooray!!) and the end of my brain cells, I have a question for you.

I know some of your opinions on this topic but not everyone’s.  So here it is…

Target of WalMart?


Edited to add:  I couldn’t understand some of the comments- Target of WalMart??  Then I read what I wrote.

What can I say…my brain cells are not working.

Target OR WalMart





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14 responses to “A Question For You

  1. Target Target Target!!!!!!!
    The people at WalMart scare me. But… if you need a certain item… and you have looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for it with no luck… they will have it at WalMart. It is my last ditch effort for anything unfindable.

  2. The target of Wal-Mart is to put every single Mom & Pop store out of business, and to sell goods that might look good on the outside, but fall apart as soon as you get them home…or sooner.

    Wait a second, you meant to choose between Target and Walmart…!


    And you’re never going to speak to me again, are you?

  3. Chelle

    I so wish we had Target here in Canada, bc I’d be all over it. Which leaves meWalmart, but I try not to go too often.

  4. Walmart and I know I am out numbered and will get beat up by Kellie, but I do love my Walmart. Ours is friendly, clean and makes for a nice shopping trip.
    Target is large but cluttered and the employees yikes, if they smile they may just crack their face. Also they act like they don’t want to be there, so makes it unpleasant when you need to ask for their help.

  5. I’m all about Target 🙂

    Our Wal-Hells are NASTY. The employees are miserable and have their thongs hanging out. The people that are there? For the love of shoes, it’s scary.

    BUT….I DO go grocery shopping at Wal-Hell. Paper products/dry stuff. No meat. It’s cheaper than our chain grocery stores. I just don’t go after 4pm or on the 1st of the month.

    Target. Heaven. Especially when one is 3 minutes from my house and I have 6 others within a 40 minute drive AND the distribution center about 20 minutes away.


  6. “Target of WalMart?” You’d have to ask the powers that be at Wal-Mart whom they are targeting for destruction…

    If you mean which is better? Target is the mothership and I will hear no blasphemy about it. That said, Wal-Mart is closer to my house…

  7. I hate both equally.

    No, not really. I like Target, but when I go there? Magically? All my money disappears.

    Wal-Mart can suck it.

  8. Target – only because Wal-mart’s main mission in life is to go into small towns and destroy business for all other stores.

    Target only seems to compete in bigger towns with more competition. Who knows – maybe they do the same thing, but you rarely see a Target in a small town.

  9. Hmm good question! For me it depends on what I’m in need of. Truthfully, I do like Target much better, but Walmart is much more accessible for me to get to. So I tend to go there much more often.

  10. I love Target but I went to a Super Walmart once that kicked ass. I think if I lived closer to it I would go more often.

  11. I confess I confess I am a TARGET of WALMART!!!!! I like both.. I liked Target better last week .. because I had my gift cards to spend there.. .. now not so much.. ( I used all my gift cards ) they are way understocked here… so I go either way… For right now I love Bed Bath and Beyond.. I have a butt load of gift cards there.. …sigh.. but I dont really need anything yet…

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