Help A Girl Out

After yesterday’s post I think it is clear my brain is not functioning.  There are four more NaBlo days.  I have two memes I’ve been saving so I need two more posts- this one and one more.  This is where you can help.

Ask me some questions.  What do you want to know?  Ask ’em and I’ll answer ’em!



Filed under NaBloPoMo 2007

5 responses to “Help A Girl Out

  1. Scoop’s name?

    How excited is Ebaby for Scoop’s arrival?

    Did your feet grow? Boobs? Hair so thick you can’t get an elastic around it without it snapping into 32 pieces?

    How long are you out on leave for?

  2. What are your Christmas traditions that you have started for your kids?
    When do you start decorating for the holiday?
    Do you open gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
    Do you have a traditional Christmas breakfast?
    How excited to YOU get for Christmas?
    Do you get snow where you are?
    What do you and your hubby do on Christmas Eve for yourselves once all the preparing is done?

  3. Give us your baby names!!!

  4. Why the hell haven’t you come to visit me?

  5. What are you craving this pregnancy. And don’t say ice cream….:)

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