Some Answers

Thanks for your questions, they are greatly appreciated.

The first question comes from my pal Chick

She asks:  Why the hell haven’t you come to visit me?

Uh…was I invited?

Let’s tackle the prego questions.

Amy asks, “What are you craving this pregnancy?  And don’t say ice cream…”

I actually haven’t had many cravings.  Earlier in the pregnancy I couldn’t get enough orange juice but lately nothing special.

Karmyn and Kellie both want to know Scoop’s name.

My answer:  What?  And give away the good names?!  Hell no!

Actually, I don’t use anyone’s real name on the blog so I won’t be publishing this one either.  If you really want to know- send cookies.

Kellie also wants to know:

How excited is Ebaby for Scoop’s arrival?  That’s a tough one.  Some days she pulls up my shirt and pulls my sexy maternity pants below my belly button and yells (directly into my belly button) “COME OUT NOW I HAVE NO ONE TO PLAY WITH!!!”

But she also asks me, “When the new baby comes will you still have time for me?”  Which makes me cry.

Did your feet grow?  No but they do swell nicely.

Boobs?  No.  I have defective boobs that don’t produce milk so they never get any bigger.  The Big Guy really has no benefits here!

Is your hair so thick you can’t get an elastic around it without it snapping into 32 pieces?  I don’t want to piss anyone off, but my hair is too thick normally for an elastic.  Some days I would love to put it up but it just won’t stay.

How long are you out on leave for?  Well if I still have a job by the time I go out on maternity I will be out for a whopping twelve weeks.  Gotta love America and its love for the family.  Twelve whole weeks!  Don’t get me started the whole job thing is a big bullshit issue right now.

On that note I should probably get back to work.



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6 responses to “Some Answers

  1. You have an open invitation baby!!!


  2. Haha your daughter just cracks me up with the things she comes out with!!! I bet she is a corker huh?

  3. 12 whole weeks! – and to think, those poor German women only get 2 years.

  4. I joined you on the feet and boobs thing when I was pregnant.

    I love Ebaby’s comments, they made me smile.

  5. Giggled REALLY hard at what Ebaby says to Scoop!!

    I HATE that women don’t get nearly enough time off. 12 weeks is enough to recover, but not nearly enough to bond with new little people.


  6. 12 weeks sucks. But it’s better than what I had – zero.

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