Like The Headless Chicken

Crazy, crazy day! 

Work is nuts.

Grocery store is crazy.

My cookie exchange party is Saturday.  I don’t even know what cookie I am making yet.  I still need to clean the house and make the food.  Wanna help?

Ebaby has a runny nose.  I hope it doesn’t get worse.  I would hate to do all the prep for the party to have to cancel at the last minute.  That would suck.

This is the second to last NaBlo post.  Hoo-frickin-ray!


Filed under NaBloPoMo 2007, Random

4 responses to “Like The Headless Chicken


    Snickerdoodles. Mmmm.

  2. Sure, I can help – I’ll be right over.

  3. Snickerdoodles. I agree.

    I’ll come help clean or whatever. I think I can be there in about 6 hours.

    I’m sad NaBloPoMo is over–it’s been so nice to have something from you every day 🙂

  4. You are awesome you succeeded in blogging all month, now DON’T stop just cause Dec is coming soon!!

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