Yup, Still Here

A quick one to let you know I am alive.  Things have been a bit overwhelming- more later, promise.

I didn’t realize how much time had gone by since my last post.

All is well with Scoop.  I go to the high risk doc tomorrow for one of those high tech ultrasounds.  Hopefully everything will still be good after that visit.

I was sick (caught the nasty cold the whole family had, I probably could have worked but every time I sneezed I peed, so yeah I stayed home)  last week and missed three days of work.  Highly unusual for me.  Now I am really behind and year end is coming up fast.

Just think- I’ll be on maternity leave soon and will post more.  Hopefully.



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10 responses to “Yup, Still Here

  1. Glad you posted, I was getting worried about you!!
    Sorry to hear you were sick, but you did the right thing staying home.
    Stay well now, and I will be looking forward to your next post, when you have time!!!

  2. So glad things are well! With both you and Scoop! Also, I hope you have someone lined up to update us when you do go into labor. Cuz, ya know, we wanna know!

  3. Ack! No, Rachel, I don’t have anyone lined up! I need a Molly- any volunteers?

  4. hey there glad u are posting and doing okay good luck with the doctors appointment..
    and if we do not see you here before Christmas.. Have a very merry one and a VERY EXCITING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!!

  5. ME ME ME!! I’ll be your volunteer!!

    Thanks for the update! Glad things are going well with Scoop. Sucky you were sick. Even more sucky that you’re behind at work. Can’t wait for more posts 🙂

  6. If you ever need a guest poster, I’ll be glad to help you out.

  7. Yay! I got my ornament! Thanks. I wrote about it on my blog, thanks alot! It is just PERFECT for me. My mom died a few years ago, and I miss her always, but especially at Christmas. She LOVED butterflies, so this is a great thing for me to look at on my tree. Thank you!

  8. barknknit

    Thanks for sending the package. I’ll let you know when I get it. Hope things are going well with you.

    You are not a jerk…life happens and that’s ok.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!!

    your book swapee.

  9. Hope all is well. Stopping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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